The Casa de Dom Inacio (“the Casa”) in Abadiania, Brazil, is known as the home of miracles. Since 1979, millions from around the globe have made a trek to this healing center looking for a cure, hope and change. Miracles continue to this day – physical, emotional and spiritual. This blog is dedicated to sharing recent such wonders and to those who live their life as everything is a miracle. (wink to Albert Einstein)

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient. – Ignatius of Loyola

With God, all things are possible. – St. Rita, the Patroness of Impossible

Expect miracles. Always. – Jane G. Doyle

For purposes of this blog, a miracle is defined as: When something you believe is impossible becomes possible – even if it happens only to you and is not witnessed or understood by anyone else.

The information provided on this blog site is for inspiration, educational, and informational purposes only. lt does not provide medical, mental health or religious advice in any way. Stories shared have not been endorsed by the Casa nor verified.

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