For those who believe

Bringing a group back to the Casa Dom Ignacio after 5 years is literally surreal! From the mediums departure at the end of 2018 than moving right into Covid , No one knew what would become of the Casa ! The biggest question has been “who would replace him?” For almost 5 years the town became a ghost town with locals and their businesses suffering to no end! And still do! What needed to take place was proof that the energy and the healing would be able to continue ! What needed to take place was their was no longer a need for someone to act as a conduit for this healing! That anyone could simply build a relationship with the Divine Entities that opened this portal here in 1974 ! That during these times we would have to learn faith and trust in that which we couldn’t see! The medium had always said that physical surgeries were never necessary but they were done because people needed to see it to believe what could be possible! I fully respect the man called “John of God “ for bringing his life’s work into fruition! This week seeing into the eyes of people I brought to the Casa sitting in the current and having spiritual interventions proved to me beyond a shadow of any doubt that what Dom Ignacio always stated “ For those who believe, No words are necessary! For those who do not, No words are possible! “ I’ve been witnessing over the past few years that people coming to the Casa although much smaller crowds have learned it’s possible to connect with Spirit directly and through that All healing is possible! The energy has been off the charts especially this week during the anniversary of Dom Ignacio’s death ! People could not imagine the strength of this healing energy running through this Divine Portal that is open here! It was so strong they were taken back and gasped at their excitement! Only to realize that in having faith and trust in God anything is possible! For me this has been the strongest response I’ve felt from people in the 19 years of me coming here! And I’m at a point in my life where nothing is more important than for me to connect and to help people to realize what is just beyond the veils of this reality we have known as home on earth! We are all beginning to see and become familiar our real home just on the other side! It excites me to no end and am so humbled and grateful that I can share this with those who are called to come here and have this experience! We are looking forward to much more ! Blessings to All ! Mika 💗
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