A Casa Angel in my Pocket

A friend of mine, Jane Doyle, gave me a blessed crystal angel from the Casa de Dom Inacio right before I went to Alabama for my father’s funeral. Before the gathering at my father’s home. I put the angel in my pocket. 

I brought my siblings’ favorite Italian sausage & beef/combo from Chicago.  As I walked into Daddy’s home, most of his furnishings and possessions had been tagged and later taken. There wasn’t even a pot to cook the sausage and beef.  I was starting to get mad. Then I remembered the blessed angel in my pocket.  I started rubbing it and instantly became calm and happy. Then I could take more of family issues.

Many times, throughout the family week I would squeeze it so hard I was concerned I would drain the power out of it.  When I was really upset, depressed, and feeling lost, it calmed me and the days were better.  I opened up and relaxed. I began to understand things. 

Back home in Chicago, I carry it with me daily. It is one of my favorite things to hold. When something comes up during my day, I grab and pray with it.  Amen.  I rub it and squeeze it so tight sometimes I think I have to be careful not to break it.  I’m starting to evaluate it more and more. Recently I’ve had some fortunate financial windfalls or blessings. I think my little green angel is also now helping me with my finances.  

The small, blessed crystal angel is something wonderful to have and hold. I feel angels around and helping me. I believe in its power. Going through stress, it is the first thing I reach for.  It gives me hope, comfort and I feel a lot better. Things work out a whole lot better with my angel.

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