A Visual Sign of THEIR Power

I have been in the Casa several times – this has changed my life forever. I have experienced so many touching and breathtaking moments of love, goodness and healing but also big challenges and lessons to be learned. I will always be grateful for this unique place on earth and for the tireless work of the beings of light.

One of these special moments I would like to share with you:

For some very special problems the Entity prescribed the Male/Female crystal for me already some years ago.

And long time before our lovely sister Grainne started the amazing online currents I connected every Wednesday to Friday to the currents in Abadiânia on my own, following the same protocoll as wearing white, asking for permission to enter the current etc… just being there in my mind. I meditated regularly with the M/F crystals then – alone and with the Casa music in the background.

Of course I took my crystals with me every time I travelled to the Casa. At the end of 2019 , so at a time without the Medium, I felt for quite a while that I didn’t want to take the crystals in my hands anymore but I didn’t understand why.

Then I put a request into the triangle, if the Entities please could clean, energize and empower my crystals. Afterwards I thought, Okay, we are not allowed to take things for cleansing to the waterfall, but it might be a good idea to clean the crystals in blessed water over night. It’s the weekend, nobody will enter my room and see them.

I took two little glasses, each for every crystal, filled them with blessed water, put my crystals in them and went to bed. The next morning I went for breakfast and when I came back later, I was irritated because I noticed it was wet in my room. At first I didn’t know where the water came from, a few minutes later I realized what had happened.

Immediatly after seeing this I had to sit down on my bed, simply breathing in and out, looking at this glass and trying to realize what I saw. The crystal was still in the glass. It was the glass with the female one.

This visible sign of their power was so unbelievable and amazing….!!! It was not only a sign of how deep and powerful their work is, it was also a sign of deep empowerment and hope for me.

Today the broken glass is still on my altar at home to always remind me of their power… I pray that the work at the Casa and the portal for the light beings will go on. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

With all my love and gratitude


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