Catherine`s Testimony, Part 1 (May 2019)

Casa of Dom Inácio de Loyola Martin family testimony Toulouse region (May 2019)
Hi, I’m Catherine. I’m not going to make a simple testimony, but a triple testimony including the testimony of Frédéric, my husband, and the one of Aymeric, our oldest son (soon 23 years old) and, of course, also mine …
It seems major to tell you what is happening here in Abadiânia and more specifically at the Casa.
For Frederic and myself, this is not our « first time ». We already went to the Casa. But, it is a discovery for Aymeric and what a kind of discovery!

We were already at Pousada Jardim Dos Anjos last November (2018), when Joao was still present. It is a fact that we can currently still enjoy the Casa through everything he has done with volunteers for many years. Joao is not there to officiate as a medium, but the Entities are still here! The energy is so high, so beautiful and powerful that everything is going « naturally » even without Joao. We enjoy daily the kind advise and support of Hayette, Xénia and Isabelle. Hayette, Xénia and Isabelle : thank you for your invaluable help in these times of transition!

In fact, the feeling of a true unconditional love is even more significant than before. Spiritual, emotional and physical healings are still ongoing and, for those who already know, the Casa activities have not really changed… and Hayette, Xénia and Isabelle are always there to take care of us and guide us to work our intentions.

I wanted to make this testimony so that you may know that the Casa not only works but that the Entities are still greatly working for us. Do not miss this gift, this privilege! To plan your first time here or for a new visit: do not wait to take a flight and go to the Casa… You may be as lucky as I am: the healing has just occured during this visit. Thus, I had the happiness that the Entities announced my healing during the current session on Friday morning! What a glee! I had several diseases (incurable …) for a long time now (this is the first time I put such a sentence in the past tense)! One of my illnesses (not the most severe one) is a celiac disease. So far, I was constrained to only eat gluten free meals (you can find such meals at the Pousada!)… For several days I eat gluten without any intestinal disease (I won’t tell you the details not to disturb you). For my other diseases, I will get some confirmation from the medical community during my next hospital consultation with supporting blood tests. I look forward!

And even without the need for physical healing, the gift is real! Frédéric and Aymeric are also appreciating so much to be here … Gifts are daily. For Frédéric, the serenity and peace that are currently emerging from this place, are magical. The people are really caring towards each other, with huge attention becoming even more tangible. Aymeric is feeling this serenity and this energy like a duck to water : in peace without any apprehension about the future of the Casa. The sessions in the current are beautiful and he seems to feed himself (his soul) with!

The waterfall is still waiting for you, and yesterday we even had the chance to see a band of curious marmosets just a few meters from us.

Following this testimony, I have only one more thing to say: do not wait any longer and if you hesitate or if you simply want to share, I’m at your disposal, just contact me via PM (private message) and we will exchange together.
Currently, asking if the Casa works without Joao would be equal to ask if Lourdes (in France) works without Bernadette Soubirou… Of course it works! The Entities are still here for us and loving us… Today is the feast of St Rita at the Casa. Joy is everywhere! One thing is sure : we will come back not waiting too much …

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