Catherine`s Testimony, Part 2 (2020)

I’m back from the Casa for several months now. We were there in May 2019 (without the presence of Joao as explained in my first testimony).

I do not really know where to start this new testimony relating my miraculous healing (it is the proper term) that is ongoing… Since returning from the Casa, my test results are only improving and only increasing the misunderstanding of some doctors who follow me for over more than fifteen years. After the announcement of my healing in last May during a current session, some volunteers of the Casa warned me that it could take some time, in a case like mine (multiple incurable diseases and constant increase in disability). Even with full confidence, we looked forward to get the first results of the tests to be made on my return. But we had to wait a little bit longer. The laboratory in Paris that analyzed my samples taken at Toulouse University Hospital (the same for many years) thought of mishandling as the first results were « too good to be possible » and incomparable with the previous results !

Several diseases (including celiac disease) disappeared immediately, spontaneously and others over the following months. Only a last rare disease (Biermer’s anemia) is always present but without any more associated symptoms and is also decreasing with blood tests. So the level of stomach antibody markers for this disease has been divided at least by three. I write « at least » because this level was previously so high that it was above what the laboratory analysis equipment could measure. Therefore I just take as a reference the upper limit of the equipment…

It was the same for the anti-nuclear antibodies which are non-specific for an organ but, associated with clinical signs, are characteristic of autoimmune diseases : excessive levels so than exceeded 1/2500 … The latest results indicate only 1/160 (some doctors consider that such a result is more or less the lower limit of positivity). RNP negative! Like many others but I will not go into details for fear of losing you.

For about 18 years I have been followed and quarterly « monitored » with analysis performed by a hospital internal medicine department specialized for orphan diseases. I was also sometimes quickly hospitalized to avoid some major risks. I was « the Case »… If I provide you a list of the diseases I had, you’d hardly believe it (among others:celiac disease, Biermer’s anemia, Addison’s disease, inflammatory myopathy, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which has totally eliminated my thyroid, collagen colitis disease ~ Crohn disease, lupus, Gougerot-Sjögren, Raynaud, uveitis, etc., etc., etc. …: non-exhaustive list…).

In 2003, I was given 3 years of life expectancy. Specialist have explained to my husband that he would be a widower with young kids (as we already had our two children).

To get it simple : I rejected almost all my internal organs (so the situation “normally”, “medically” can not be reversed once the anti-bodies are present … they are here for your whole life with all the associated diseases and their symptoms) and life became more and more painful, but still beautiful anyway! Indeed, I have always been very well surrounded and I always knew that I was “protected”. But at the Casa I fully realized that I was loved at the highest point and unconditionally and I healed! The Entities of Light have healed me and I still feel their love every day!

Now I can eat what I want, work (but the Occupational Medicine doctor has some difficulty to understand this new situation and asked me to renew my adult disabled worker status which expired), climb stairs, go away and enjoy walks with my Golden Retriever- a female named Joy – (who understands very well this new situation and claims her ride as soon as I put my shoes), go out with friends, etc… Still no shopping but just because I do not really like it! … Healing requires a lot of energy but I can feel it : the associated serenity is so present and so nice!

Our flights to go back to Abadiânia are already taken. In April/May 2020, we will be almost 3 weeks at the Pousada Jardim dos Anjos to be hosted with pleasure by the friendly and kind team. Their help and support are always precious … This new travel will be done with the blessing of some doctors (those open minded and trying to understand the new data without refuting the facts). Yes it can exist… even in the hospital… and this time, I WILL BE ABLE to go by foot to the waterfall, round trip !!!

I never met you, but, with all my heart, I hope to see you there! I wish you to make this so unique and special trip that will offer you much more than you even imagine both physically, emotionally and spiritually! Life is beautiful, even when we believe it is darkening: trust the Entities of Light and their perpetual Compassion and Love.

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