Crystal bed Leukemia miracle

Over the years when I presented a foto to the Entity of someone across the globe who needed healing there were occasions I was instructed by the Entity to have a crystal bed on their behalf. Usually for the duration of an hour at low speed in the Casa crystal beds holding the persons foto and details with me. Often I would have time to instruct them to lie down at the same time across the miles to receive this energy. Other times not. Healing is not an exact science and the Entitys know exactly what they are doing. This procedure was not common back then. Since 2019 with the absence of the medium physically in the chair and the presence of our dear St Rita there has been a very noticeable upgrade in the transmission of a pure unfiltered energetic field. Its difficult to describe. There is no doubt that a dimensional shift of seismic proportions is happening and ongoing. We are being empowered to lead by example and to develop our intuition. When our intention is pure miracles happen not only for us, also for those around us The Entitys know no borders, boundaries, time or space. God is everywhere and in everything.

Recently I was asked to help someone in the USA who wanted surrogate on a crystal bed for a Leukemia patient here in Brasil.
The knowledge from my time doing this work under the supervision of the Entity at the Casa came into play. Here is a synopsis of the story that generated such big interest. I asked for a foto of this lady (who we will call) Maria here in Brasil and her address and DOB. I also asked for the address where the Crystal bed was located in the USA. The name of the person representing Maria in Brazil, (lets call her) Tina and the times and duration of the crystal beds eg time 2pm EST and this is 10am in Brasil. The sessions were for 30 mins to start. I brought this information to the Casa and placed in the triangle asking the Entitys to be present and do what work was needed. Here is a basic recap of the story. On Oct 11th 2021, Maria who was suffering from acute Leukemia lay down in central Brasil to consciously receive energy from her friend Tina who lives In the USA. Tina has a Casa Crystal bed and was acting as a surrogate for Maria, almost 7000km apart. Maria is Brazilian she has never been to the Casa and she was also having chemo treatments here in Brasil… . For every session Tina is in the USA lying under the crystal bed and Maria is just lying down praying and putting her intention into being healed here in Brasil. On Nov 11th after 12 sessions of half an hour under the Crystal bed at low speed. {Remember these friends are continents apart}” Maria was told she was in remission. On Nov 26th after a few more surrogate Crystal beds treatments across continents, this is the miraculous news we received here in Brasil. “Maria received her last DNA blood test today that could detect any cancer cell that could possibly pass unseen in any previous one and that came clean. Which means she has no cancer anymore. …the doctors will still treat her with medications (no chemotherapy though) for 4 more months – 4 cycles of 28 days just to make sure that they are eliminating the chances of it coming back. She feels great! She feels the entities’ work from where she is in every session. She feels their energy, their love, and generosity. She also feels them working on specific points sometimes too. She is so grateful. A miracle happened.

Pre 2019 the Casa Crystal bed surrogates wasn´t a “thing”.
Back then was a different time and space. Now with the inability to freely travel this is a wonderful way to receive energy if you cannot physically get to a Casa crystal bed and someone is willing to offer you a session at a distance. We are called now more than ever to do our inner work and the high vibration of crystal elevates us to the universal energy flow, as we raise our vibration here and now we naturally raise the vibration of the entire planet. …so everyone wins. Now the energy is pouring from the portal of the Casa , being transmitted at the highest frequency instantly. You can feel it from the online current. Many people have remarked on this across the world. It is difficult to describe this awesome multiplication of the Casa energy. Here in Abadiania at the Source it is phenomenal. Its about intention, faith and gratitude. For people who are very ill start slow and under 30 minutes. They need to be aware they are receiving very powerful healing energies from the Casa. In Marias case here in Brasil she felt it. Permission needs to be granted for the Entitys to come and do the necessary healing work. Maria was open to receive and gave full permission for this transmission. This work requires cooperation, collaboration and coordination. There are quite a few moving parts here. However with a bit of work everything will come together at the right time and all the Casa healing energy will flow fluidly, freely and easily and miracles will materialize. Of course its always better if you can actually travel on pilgrimage to The Casa and/or have a crystal bed in your home or office. This can be a good option in the meantime. I hope this makes sense. All Roads lead to God. We rise by lifting others and we are just walking each other home. May all beings be happy and at peace. Myself and my partner Joao are authorized seller of Casa crystal beds. We will be happy to assist you if you´d like to purchase a Casa crystal bed and we can ship to many places worldwide.
This is from Tina who still represents Maria on the crystal bed at a distance

Quote recieved on July 7th 2022:
My heart is full of gratitude and happiness today. A couple of days ago we received Marias last blood test results and they showed that there are no cancer cells in her body and she can suspend the chemotherapy sessions for good. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and help with the Crystal Bed session, which definitely contributed to this miracle happening.
Tina who was doing the Crystal beds at a distance for Maria is now pregnant. Quote Received on July 13th 2022 By the way, the interesting part of this story is that I first thought I could be pregnant because during a Crystal bed session I felt a baby moving in my belly (and the baby was very energetic). I also physically felt he/she growing (belly blowing) as if I was 9 months pregnant… I believe the entities were telling me I was pregnant and they were taking care of both of us for sure. Maria texted me saying after the session saying she thought she was pregnant because she could feel a baby moving in her belly too – she’s not pregnant though and she has 2 beautiful kids.

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