Dr. Fritz to the Rescue

I went to Casa Dom Inacio for the first time in 2015. It was one of the most difficult times of my life because my youngest sister had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. With only two sisters, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing one of them! So one day, we boarded a plane into the unknown, filled with love, trust, and hope for a miracle. I never considered seeking assistance for myself; all I wanted was for my sister to heal and survive. I kept praying for a chance for her; she had two small children who would be devastated if they lost her.

My personal experiences began some time before our trip to Abadiania. I’d say it all started when I contacted a Casa Guide a few months before we boarded that plane. I began receiving visits from these quiet being while sleeping at night. I’d wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes seeing indistinct forms, sometimes merely feeling them around while they were doing something on my back. I recall seeing this priest wearing a black cassock and a biretta on his head and his open hands holding this ball of colorful, buzzing energy! I didn’t really know what he was doing but I wasn’t afraid. I just felt compelled to thank him and went back to sleep. I was surprised when I arrived at La Casa for the first time and saw him in one of the pictures on the walls: Dom Inacio de Loyola. I felt an immediate connection! I was never afraid. It all felt so familiar, so comforting that I could only feel a deep gratitude.

So much has happened to me since my initial trip to our beloved Casa. I never imagined that this trip would change my life so drastically! I’ve been working on a book about my experiences at the request of one of our dear Entities. The request was that I write it in Spanish, although my intention is to also translate it into English.

This is one of my experiences…

Our Casa guide encouraged my oldest sister and I to get in line to meet the Entity, stating that we all needed to heal from something and that we shouldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. And so we did, followed by an intervention the next day. In this comfy, lethargic trance, I emerged from the session. While we were waiting for our herbal therapy, one of my kidneys began to hurt. I felt a very thin, vertical cut in my lower back; like cutting your finger with a piece of paper. I didn’t request healing for my kidneys, but I guess that’s what was needed at that moment!

My sisters and I were instructed by our guide to go back to Posada San Raphael, where we were staying. Before falling to sleep, I prayed and reflected on that first experience and made a request: if I could see the entity that operated on me so I could thank him/her directly. Hoping that I had been heard, I closed my eyes…

That night, the soft voice of a man woke me up… “It’s Dr. K*****”. I’m sorry -I said- I didn’t hear you. Trying to shake my sleepiness. He repeated “Dr. Keith” (or so I thought, I could still not understand his name very well). I noticed this mostly bald man, probably in his early 50’s. He still had some hair on the sides of the head, a thin mustache and a well maintained beard. His eyes caught my attention since they were small and deep. He was dressed in a white doctor’s coat and was holding his black bag in front of him, clutching it with both hands. He was softly smiling at me and gave me the impression that he was modest and shy. I thanked him and went back to sleep.

When I told my guide about my experience the next day, she thought it was a doctor who had served in Germany or Austria during World War I but she couldn’t remember his name or more details. I didn’t look for more information but surprisingly, one year later, I saw online some pictures of the entities from La Casa and he was there! His name: Dr. Adolph Fritz. I recognized him right away, his eyes, his face and expression! Then I read that he was a phenomenon in the 70’s, when he was incorporated by a medium by the name of Ze Arigo. I apologized to Dr. Fritz for not getting his name right so long ago and thanked him again. I took me a while to recover from that moment for sure!

Since then, every time I know of someone having kidney issues, I say a silent prayer and ask Dr. Fritz to assist and I know he does. His image from that time, smiling at me, comes to mind and I know everything will be ok.

My deepest love and gratitude.

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