Entities & Sylvie the Cat

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my cats, Sylvie and Pastel. They were at the vet while I was moving to San Rafael. They got to San Rafael and they are in shock. So, they sniff everything around and they are like, what’s this? Lots of stress. Didn’t let me sleep all night.

I get up in the morning, only one cat is in the room, Sylvie. I am like, what? Where did Pastel go? So, I dash to the Casa, then to my old apartment. Maybe he escaped somehow and ended up there. Nothing! I am really stressed.

So, I march straight to the note writing area at the Casa, next to Kelly’s desk. I write a note, asking the Entities to find Pastel and bring him home.

I go back to my room in San Rafael. I feel an urge to do a crystal bed. My cat Sylvie climbs on the crystal bed and lies down over my crown chakra first, then on my heart. It all takes place in a space of a few minutes.

Then, Sylvie gets off the crystal bed. He walks over to my closet, gets up on his hind paws and puts his front paws on a drawer. I am like, are you telling me something? My rational mind of course says, this is impossible! Is Pastel in a drawer? How did he get inside? How did the drawer get closed?

In a few seconds, I get up off the crystal bed. First I open the closet doors. My mind can’t wrap around a drawer. Nothing in the closet. So, OK, I open the drawer Sylvie pointed to. Guess who I find?

We have been laughing about it all morning here! Hope it reaffirmed your trust and gave you a good laugh!


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