Atopic eczema and family reunion

…hi everyone and Blessings to us all. I have experienced many miracles around the Casa, so will share the main ones. I arrived asking for the healing of my “broken heart” re my 2 daughters who had broken all ties with me. A friend had brought me a dvd in black and white showing Joao at work enabling a paralysed man to walk. I was alone in my apartment on the island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. The room became filled with a strong energy of Love and I was compelled to make the trip in spite of my fear of going alone. It was a work of Trust. The energy field of the Casa blew me away and as I followed the protocol and the Guidance of the Entities, I was able to write to my daughters several times from a place of Great Love and no judgement. My Heart had burst open. It took some time, but they are both back in my life in a profoundly loving way. However, that,s not all. I had been plagued with chronic, atopic eczema since birth all over my body which was painful, irritating and unsightly. I asked the Entities to heal it once and for all. A few days later the eczema blew up into the worst episode I,d ever had. My face was disfigured as though I,d been burnt, i didn’t,recognize myself in the mirror. I felt ashamed to leave my pousada room and I even had doubt thoughts about the work at the Casa. Maybe it was all a hoax and I,d be stuck with this shameful condition forever! Something made me continue to Trust a little and this crisis lasted for 3 weeks whilst I ventured out and received only loving kindness from “strangers” in the village. A few people brought me water from the sacred waterfall which I dabbed on the wounded body with cotton wool. Gradually the pain and ugliness subsided as I continued the Casa protocol. I was healed of this life-long affliction and it has NEVER returned! However, the main Healing was in the Heart as I saw that the palpable Love in Abadiania, everywhere I went, cared nothing for how a body looked. The gentle flow of the Love of Dom Inacio was everywhere and in everything, prevailing over all doubt and fear. I became a Casa guide from an energy of such Gratitude and desire to give something back and then another miracle occurred. I was swimming in the Indian Ocean, alone after a cyclone had hit. I felt safe and happy and Joyous and connected to Dom Inacio. It was very early morning on a totally deserted beach just after sunrise. I swam out but when I turned around to swim back in I was shocked to see I had been pulled out by the current and was far, far from the beach. I knew I would not get back! There were waves and currents. A great calm came over me as I prayed to Dom Inacio. I heard, “stay calm, keep swimming gently…” I said, OK, if I am to drown, so be it. Your will be done! I was afraid, but never panicked. I found myself saying to Dom Inacio, to God… I am ok with this, BUT if I am saved I promise to dedicate my life to God and the Casa. Within a very short time, far away on the distant beach I see a figure running across the beach with a board of some sort under the arm. He was not coming towards me but I KNEW he would get me. After some time he arrived, having circled where I was. He just said “grab the board “. In silence and calm he swam me back to the beach. I was exhausted and just asked him “What is your name”? He had amazing bright blue eyes and just answered ” Christophe”. On arrival at the beach, I fell onto the sand, face down but fully conscious. I turned to face him filled with deep, deep gratitude. There was no-one there! No sign of anyone! I still can see his eyes today…. The upshot of this was that I continued taking groups to the Casa…and the most significant miracle there for me subsequently was to be shown a book that has changed everything, bringing the greatest healing in Heart and Mind ever imagined called “A Course in Miracles”. I saw the book in a pousada, knew it was important, completely forgot about it and then, a stranger gave me a copy as a gift, in Paris on my first day back from the Casa! The rest is beautiful history….
I close in offering hommage to Grainne, who throughout the trials and tribulations of Casa life, offered me Great Love, support and a rollicking good laugh in the beloved vibration of my Irish roots….God Bless you, you power-bomb of Devotion…☘☘

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