You`re next

Here is a remarkable account of a miraculous healing that took place in 2017, offering a source of inspiration in these challenging times. We are deeply privileged to share this touching story as part of the extended Casa family. To respect privacy, the names have been changed. Maria, hailing from Sao Paulo, arrived in Abadiânia with a severely diseased liver, with her sole motivation being her 16-year-old son, whom she dearly wanted to live for. Her condition was so dire that her friend, Daniela, decided to stay by her side in the same room, fearing she might not make it through the night. It was a Tuesday evening, and Maria was determined to see the Medium in Entity the following morning. The two women retired for the night in a pousada located approximately 400 meters from the Casa. Maria was so ill that she insisted Daniela stay in the same room, believing she might not survive until morning. This is how dire her situation had become. During that fateful night, Maria had a dream. In her dream, she saw an operating table surrounded by surgeons who were performing an intervention on what appeared to be a young teenage boy. One of the surgeons, who was facing Maria, turned around, and she instantly recognized him as Dr. Agusto de Almeida. He handed her a piece of paper with the name “Richard Kaufman” written on it and uttered, “You’re next.” That’s all she could recall. When dawn broke on Wednesday morning, Maria awoke to find blood on her sheets. She lifted the covers and discovered blood on her T-shirt as well. Upon further examination, she noticed 28 crude black stitches protruding from the area of her liver. These were the very stitches that Dr. Agusto had used. In one of his past lives, he had been in the military, hastily suturing wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Both women were astonished, and Daniela took a photo to show to the Casa that morning, advising Maria to remain in bed. As soon as the Casa’s activities began, Daniela approached the incorporated Entity, who was Dr. Agusto, and showed him the picture, seeking an explanation. The Entity responded, “We gave Maria a liver transplant last night. Tell her to come here on Friday morning, and I will explain everything.” On Friday morning, the two ladies visited the Casa, with Maria feeling stronger than she had in a long time. Dr. Agusto incorporated and called them over, revealing that Maria now had a new liver in her body. This liver had been donated by the young man on the operating table in her dream, whose name was Richard Kaufman. He had willingly given his liver from the spiritual realms. Dr. Agusto instructed Maria to visit her doctor in Sao Paulo after 40 days for confirmation. Over the next 40 days, Maria enjoyed good health, and when she finally saw her doctor, he was dumbfounded. He called four other surgeons to examine her, as they found it impossible to believe. There had been no need for rejection drugs, and her scar had healed and faded more than another scar from a surgery performed by an Earth doctor a couple of years earlier. One of the doctors even asked if she had bought her new liver on the internet. Maria was overcome with emotion, and the doctors kept exclaiming that what had happened was impossible. She mentioned the Casa, and one of the surgeons was familiar with the work being done there. The story left everyone astounded. Maria returned to the Casa to share her incredible experience, her life having been saved, and she was filled with happiness, now able to live for her son. She offered her testimony in the Casa gardens in Portuguese, English, French, German, and Spanish, evoking a powerful and emotional response from those present. She even took her blood-stained T-shirt to the main hall to show everyone in the congregation. Following this astonishing miracle, the Casa’s phones were inundated with inquiries from people seeking transplants. It remains a mystery why some individuals receive such physical miracles, but Maria continues to enjoy good health with a perfectly functioning liver. Miracles continue to unfold, reinforcing the idea that they happen all the time. It’s worth noting that this transplant occurred not within the Casa but in a nearby pousada. It wasn’t even an official Casa day, and Medium Joao was not present in Abadiania that night. Maria didn’t have to walk through the Casa gates, emphasizing that the work transcends geographical boundaries, extending to thousands of miles away from the Casa. Indeed, the Divine knows no borders, time, or space. The Casa stands as an extraordinary healing portal, and it is a privilege to have been present to hear this testament of truth. Now more than ever we need the Casa energy and the support of these extraordinary Entitys who continue to work alongside us ,unseen with a phenomenal high vibration that is a magnet for miracles . “Ask and you will receive “ In the words of Dom Inacio, “For those who believe, no words are necessary; for those who do not believe, no amount of words are sufficient.”

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