Summoned to the Casa

On December 12, 2020, I was sitting in my living room taking a break from the hustle of my day and God said to me “Kathleen, you must go to Brazil” and you must be there by 12/21, not arriving on 12/21, but wake up in Abadiânia on 12/21.

I said no God, I am never going back there. It took me all this time to move forward with my life, and now you want me to go back. I asked why…no answer.

A few minutes later, three spirits appeared, Dr. Cruz, Dr. Augusto and Jose Penteado. They appeared clear but translucent, saying “its time to go home.” For three days I cried, full of fear, full of uncertainty, wondering how I was going to tell my daughter and granddaughters I would not be home for Christmas.

I wanted to know why I was asked to go back to a place that hurt me so deeply. I finally called my daughter and told her what happened, and she was supportive saying at this point, you just can not ignore what God said and not go.

So, I put myself in action to answer God’s call, booked my flight from California to Brasilia and got to Brasilia on the morning of December 20th. I went directly to the Temple of Peace and walked the Labyrinth prayed and stood under the crystal in the middle and surrendered fully to the process.

When I got to the place when you turn to go down the street, we call the bubble, the feeling was all too familiar. It was cold though, desolate. All the shops, hotels were closed. There were no people on the street. A few Casa dogs around. A sad feeling. I could still feel a deep feeling of peace. I was exhausted and went to San Raphael, checked in and went to sleep. There were only 3 other women in the hotel besides me.  

As I began to acclimate myself to being in Abadiânia, I began to hear divine words, and deep messages about the land and the purpose of the place. I was in a state of surrender and allowance. There was still some resistance, but that was being rapidly cleared.  

My first day of current was on Wednesday morning. I sat in the Entity current. There may have been 30-45 people total in the current. It was emotional walking in the room and seeing a few familiar faces. You still had the choice of going for intervention, or blessing. Not many in any line. I sat there listening to the music and looking at the beloved crystals, the Black Madonna and St. Ignatius. The current was pure, one hour. The energy was light and extraordinarily strong. That deep feeling of protection, peace and love was prominent.  

After at the overlook, God spoke these words, “This land belongs to me. It always belonged to me. This land is sacred and holy, and it needs the people to come back as it needs portals to go from here and spread the light. No man can take away, the sacredness of this place and I am calling my children home. Only the faithful will return.” He spoke to me about, never putting my trust in any human, but that the work must be done by the individual from the inside out.

I know that God knows my heart’s secrets and understands my spirit’s intentions. The secrets of my heart are the raw material of my genuine spirit. What happened in Abadiânia was a storm in my life that brought to the surface the issues that plague me. The storm made climbing tough, but I got strength with each step. The bottom line was that I am responsible for my own well-being, my own happiness, my own relationship with God and the Entities of Light.

The choices and decisions we make regarding our own life directly influence the quality of our days. In the Chapter Isaiah of the Bible, it says that “people who have walked in darkness shall see a great light. Those who have walked in the valley of the shadow of death, upon them has a great light shined.”

No one really knows the roads we walk down, the impact of losing our spiritual home, but I do know that it is only the people whose eyes have been washed clean with tears who get the broad vision that makes them little sisters and brother to all the world. WE are those little sisters and brothers. The storms of our lives benefit many people like the storms that hit our towns and our homes and wash clear the air we breathe.

The love in my heart for Abadiânia was restored and I found luminosity, peace, love and contentment there. The travel there was easy and effortless. The safety at the Casa for social distancing and protocol was impeccable. I spent Christmas and New Years there.

St. Ignatius is calling his children to come home one by one. There is a freedom there now, that I have never felt before. No restrictions on who you are or what you can or cannot do. The waterfall was soooo beautiful. Blue butterflies, and high energy. A peace that passes human understanding. Together we can unite and come back home and bring life back.

Thousands of people have lost their spiritual home and are now orphans of the weary world. Our home, I found is still there, has been cleaned up, and still being cleaned, but now it shall become all that God and the Entities of Light intended it to be.

I was a child who ran away from home, and the return was the safe secure feeling, the feeling of deeply being loved, but most of all that peace that calms everything that is always found at home. There was a piece of me restored. No more am I an orphan of this weary world feeling betrayed and stripped of my spiritual home. God assured me that no person has that power to take away the sacredness of the land, despite any ownership in title or deed. It was clear Abadiânia only belongs to God.  

I filmed a lot while I was there and will be meeting with the editor next week to put together the priceless pearls of the sacred land of Abadiânia.  #ForTheLoveOfGod   DrKathleen L. Dixon 

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