Healing the heart

I want to share my positive experience at Casa Dom Ignacio in Brasil. My young adult son had been suffering from pinches in his heart and numbness all over his body for over 3 months. We had consulted with 2 heart doctors, and a neurologist, he tried various medications and vitamins, and undergone numerous tests, but the doctors couldn’t identify the issue. The pain was escalating each day, and we were growing desperate for a solution.
That’s when I decided to visit the casa. I went with his picture in the intervention line. Remarkably, after approximately 5 days, his symptoms
Became sporadic and less intense. 2 weeks later, we were overjoyed to see the symptoms had completely disappeared and have not returned since. This happened in April 2023. I am truly grateful for the healing we experienced at the casa. The intervention brought relief to my son’s debilitating condition when conventional medial approached had failed. The casa is and will continue to be our second home. I encourage everyone who is hesitant to come back. The energy is amazing. The casa is beautiful, and so peaceful.
Thank you to the Entities of light.

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