Hello, Halo

Ron Pieris calls me one afternoon.  When I tell him I’m returning to the Casa, he agrees to let me take his picture into current with me. I take the first photo with the beautiful greens and yellows.  

Later, I notice the video screen has changed.  I am looking at a different Ron.  I instantly knew there was something more going on than the lighting.   

I take a 2nd photo and show both of them to Ron.  His response: “It’s a halo.”  Yep. For those of us who know and love Ron, that is easy to believe. 🙂  Magical things seem to happen when he’s around.  

As we were saying goodbye, the most beautiful nurse walks in.  I smiled at my memory of Ron sitting at Frutti’s. He always attracts the most beautiful things and people around him.

Ron sounds strong and happy. He says to tell everyone hello!

Ron gave his permission share these pictures on the casa miracles blog.  

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