Her bones are fine

Here is a miraculous story about Dom Inacio which was translated from Portuguese to English and then French. It happened in the current room of the Casa after the afternoon session yesterday Friday (April 28, 2023)

This is a simplified version. It gives us hope that the Entitys never leave us and they know no borders boundaries, time or space. And Faith moves mountains 💚☘️🌈🙏🏻🔼

A Brasilian lady and her daughter came to the Casa for healing 7 years ago.
The mother had a broken femer bone. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk .

The Casa entity incorporated was Dom Inacio who talked to them about how his leg had been shattered by a cannonball and his other leg injured. He could relate to the pain and the difficulty of healing a broken femer. He expressively said he would cure the mother of this broken femer bone.

Both mother and daughter worked hard with the protocol of the Casa and the broken femer was-healed 100%. The mother was able to walk again .

Last Saturday night at home here in Abadiânia the mother who is now 84 years old had a very bad fall in her home. Both she and her daughter heard the huge crack of her femer breaking. The mother was in a lot of pain naturally and they immediately called for an ambulance.

Her daughter prayed constantly in Portuguese. Repeating again and again

I believe. I believe.  I believe.

Jesus have Mercy.

Jesus have Mercy

Jesus have Mercy

And she was begging Dom Inacio for help. 

As it was Saturday night in the hospital in Anapolis, it was busy. They managed miraculously to see a surgeon straight away who just happened to have the mothers records of her original broken femer.

Her daughter prayed and prayed outside as her mother was attended to. It’s a long hard road to recovery for an 84 year old lady to recover from a badly broken femer.

The door finally opened. The doctor came out astonished and said there is absolutely nothing wrong with your mother’s femer. No bones are broken she is 100% healthy…. she can go home now💚

For those who believe no words are necessary.

 For those who do not believe no amount of words are sufficient 💚☘️🌈🙏🔼

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