Alexandra All Over Abadiania Continued

This is a repost from Alexandra`s second blog article:

She is a perpetual traveler and content creater.

Outside Casa de Dom Inacio, my stomach grumbled. Nose blocked, I took a deep breath. A tingling sensation in my arm demanded attention. Shaking it off, I crossed the threshold.

Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiânia faced controversy in 2018. Over 600 abuse accusations targeted Joao de Deus. Despite his absence today, the Casa draws seekers with transformative energies, promising healing for various ailments. The energy, whether from a real person or the power of the mind, makes Casa de Dom Inacio a space worth exploring for spiritual transformation.

Want to have a look inside the Casa? Check out this brief video of my visit:

What happened since my Last Visit at Casa de Dom Inácio

Last year’s visit to Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania led to a minor revelation. As mentioned in my previous blog post, I was there on a Sunday when the Casa wasn’t functioning. Nonetheless, I filled out my paper wish and placed it inside the triangle on the wall.

Recalling my friend Jutta’s advice—put down my wish for physical suffering along with my name, birth date, and address—I faced a dilemma due to my nomadic lifestyle. I asked her, “How will the entities find me?” The solution: writing my license plate number.

A few days later, a revelation occurred in the car while driving. Tears blurred my vision, and as the landscape outside became blurry, I stopped and sat for five minutes. It suddenly made sense—the cause of my five-year back pain and how to heal it. Understanding my suffering led to sudden improvement.

One year later, after a journey through South America, crossing Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, I stopped at Jutta’s Pousada (Contact her for a great deal!) It had been a wild year, and upon seeing me, Jutta mentioned how tired I looked. I was not surprised. I looked forward to a week at Jutta’s and another visit to the Casa, this time during opening hours.


When Blogs Sting: The Unexpected Thorn in the Side of my Last Casa Post

After settling into Jutta’s Pousada Octogono, I shared a quiet moment with her, recounting a peculiar incident from the past year.


A lady, representing a renowned Brazilian magazine, reached out after reading my last blog post. Intrigued by my nomadic South American adventures, she expressed eagerness to feature my story.

However, there was a twist—she insisted I remove the post detailing my experiences in Abadiania. As I pondered this unexpected request, it became evident that the person’s enthusiasm for my journey may not have been as genuine as initially believed.

The ordeal left me with a lingering question: How did a seemingly unremarkable blog post from an anonymous South American traveler prompt such an uncommon media proposal?

What’s New in Abadiania?

Back in Abadiania, my excitement was evident. I made it a routine to wander through town daily, exploring the little stores filled with crystals. I stayed loyal to Fruttis, the go-to restaurant for foreigners, savoring their offerings like espresso on ice, omelets, açaí, and various dinner options – often visiting up to three times a day.


They had built a new bridge over the federal highway, providing an interesting experience as cars passed underneath, causing a noticeable shake. I hope the construction will stand the test of time.

On the opposite side of the highway, there were more restaurants, a gym, and small parks, looking like any average Brazilian town. However, my focus remained on the north side. There you regularly encounter Casa visitors. Those were the people dressed in white strolling through the streets, always ready with a friendly hello.

Familiar faces were a common sight, even those from the previous year. Whether during meditation at the Casa or while enjoying a free soup at the Casa’s kitchen.

Meditation and Current at Casa de Dom Inacio

This year I decided to take part in the Casa’s mediation and current. Despite being on my second visit, I found myself seated among the “First timers,” a dedicated section for newcomers. The prior year had denied me access to the meditation room due to its closure on Sundays.

Prepared with a white t-shirt and light pants, I arrived before 8 am, holding my written message to the entities of light. As prayers echoed in the seating area, I anticipated the moment to join the line. Among the first-timers, I entered the meditation room, following the path of those who had walked before me. As they called the people before me, I learned that they were either on their second visit or had undergone a prior intervention. Each group of people requires their distinct energy.


On the second day, I arrived early for meditation. The guidelines emphasized avoiding crossed legs or arms, allowing entities to perceive and work on individuals better. Seated for three hours on church-like hard benches, I subtly adjusted my posture for comfort. While I was sitting there, a lady interrupted my meditation telling me that I had my ankles crossed by accident. Very observant.

Possibly three hours of darkness just let some interesting ideas pop into one’s head. But in any case, it felt like something was communicating with my mind, offering me ideas that were related to some recent worries. You take it or you leave it.

Anyway, I thanked the entities for listening to me even if I wasn’t sure if it was them speaking to me or my own wild mind.


Learning about Aura and Chakra Analysis in Abadiania

After the meditation session, we gathered at the Casa’s kitchen for a comforting bowl of soup. I sat at a table with multiple people listening to their stories about why they came to Abadiania. I chatted with Leon, a young German guy, and exchanged Instagram information to meet up later for a sunset walk over the hill.

During that walk he told me his story and that he was interested in aura analyses. The only time I had ever heard about aura before was when talking to a Mormon High Priest I met in Mexico three years prior. Apparently my aura is pink and yellow, but I don’t know if that’s any good. Plus, he probably just wanted to convert me to Mormonism. I asked if he would like to do one for me. The next day we met again for an aura and chakra analysis.

Leon used a frequency measuring device to analyze my strong and weak points at the time of measuring.


The results were intriguing, revealing weaknesses that I had vaguely noticed but hadn’t fully acknowledged, such as blocked nerve endings and nasal sinuses. I did notice before that most nights I wake up with one arm fallen asleep, and I can’t remember a time where my nose was not partly blocked, but I never thought of it as problematic. In addition, the device recognized digestive issues. I did have digestive issues when I arrived in Abadiania; something I caught a few days prior from some food poisoning. Could have been a lucky guess since I’ve had digestive issues ever since setting foot on this continent. The analysis though was a useful tool to be more aware of physical happenings.

The analysis extended beyond the physical realm, offering insights into my mental processes. My idea of family, partnership, finances, and anxieties—all of which proved surprisingly accurate. Aligning with my chakras, the solar plexus chakra (belly chakra) emerged as the weakest, emphasizing a lack of a strong gut feeling. It resonated with my self-awareness as more of a “head person.” If you ever make it to Abadiania, say hi to Leon!

Consequently, when lying in bed at night I researched the different chakras and their meaning. Again, I am convinced that just by realizing one’s shortcomings it can lead to automatic improvement. This is what Abadiania showed me last year already when I focused on my back pain.

Chakra Support: The Healing Power of the Casa’s Crystals


But how else can I strengthen my chakras? I explored various websites detailing the supportive properties of crystals for different chakras. While often matching the chakra color, there are variations. I noted gems supportive of each chakra, accumulating two pages of valuable information.

The day after, I visited the Casa’s shop. Numerous quartzes and crystals filled the space. Engaging the knowledgeable shopkeeper, I inquired about specific stones, finding the green and blue quartz. To my great surprise, the man gifted them to me, especially the green quartz known for attracting wealth 🙂

Exiting the Casa, I strolled along Abadiania’s main street, exploring different crystal shops. One, in particular, caught my attention. Zelimar (Zeila) a lady fluent in English, assisted me in finding the remaining five stones. Proudly, I returned home, allowing the mild evening sun to cleanse the crystals.

You should avoid hot direct sunlight for the cleaning and charging process as it might damage the crystals. Rather use moonlight, bury them in the ground or use other crystals to charge them. I purchased a selenite charging bar, creating a dedicated space for my crystals.


These were my first chakra stones and I use them to meditate and just feel good when I look at them. In Abadiania, where the energy feels just right, I embraced crystals with a positive vibe that I might not have considered elsewhere.

Holistic Healing: A Journey with Casa, Crystals, and Personal Wellness

What did I wish healing for this time? I didn’t have any severe problems, but there was one thing I couldn’t forget for years. The last time I had gone to the doctor for a health check-up was before I left my home to travel in South America. Back then, I had a benign tumor in my uterus. Nothing to worry about as long as I didn’t have pain.

Now, four years later, I’m visiting my family in Austria for the first time since 2020. Last week, I went for a check-up and was happy to see that nothing of the tumor was left. There are multiple ways how that tumor could have disappeared. I don’t even know if I still had it in Abadiania. It could have been just as much due to nutrition (I stopped eating soy) as to the Casa.

Nevertheless, I thank my time at the Casa, Leon for his analysis, and my crystals for giving me comfort and optimism for holistic health.


Reflections after the Casa

Now, as I reflect on my time at Casa de Dom Inacio, the experience with crystals, and spiritual healing, I find another transformation in my perspective. Last year, I began with skepticism, and I was surprised when healing abruptly hit me. This year, while more open, I still remain a head person. Yet, the welcoming embrace of Casa, the insightful analyses from Leon, and the comforting energy of crystals have brought me one step closer to holistic healing.

The fact that something is free is a sign of authenticity. The Casa has nothing to gain from my visit. I consumed coffee and pão de queijo at their cafeteria, received free crystals at their shop, and ate free soup at their kitchen. Casa de Dom Inacio offers healing without charge, challenging the usual expectations. If the primary motivation is healing, it speaks volumes about the authenticity of spiritual practices.

Want to have a look inside the Casa? Check out this brief video of my visit (above)

As I continue my journey, I’m excited to share that I’m working on a book capturing stories from my three-year adventure in South America.

If you have any suggestions for a publisher who resonates with these narratives, I’d love to hear from you.

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Alexandra All over Abadiania

This is a repost from Alexandras blog: https://alexandraallover.com/casadominacio/
She is a perpetual traveler and content creater.

Before you start reading, take a look inside the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia (video above)

I didn’t really know anything about Abadiânia before we arrived there. Probably we would have never visited if our new friend Jutta hadn’t invited us to meet her at her Pousada in this small town close to Brasilia.

Already one year before, Jutta saw through my Youtube videos that I was traveling in Brazil and reached out for the first time. Due to limited time and the large distances in Brazil I didn’t manage to make it there. However, this year we would finally make the trip to meet Jutta and her family in Abadiânia.

Abadiânia – a small town of international fame?

Arriving there we noticed the diverse mix of people from all
different countries. Besides Brazilians we saw tourists on short visits
and expats from all over the world. How come this little town has so
many visitors?


On our first night at Jutta’s Pousada Octogono we had a long chat
about life and what brought us to Brazil. Paul and I had just come from a
busy week in Brasilia and were happy to wind down and enjoy some peace
and quiet. Abadiânia was the perfect place for that. But besides that it
is also home to a world-famous sanctuary that is visited by numerous
international people.

The Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia

We learned about the well-known spiritual healing center in
Abadiânia. Years ago it was home to the Medium Joao Teixera de Farias,
also known as Joao de Deus (or John of God.) Millions of people have
visited the place to seek cures for their ailments ranging from cancer
and AIDS to fractures and vision problems.


Joao de Deus is said to be a powerful mediumship in which benevolent
spirits or entities use his body to perform healing. In extreme cases he
would also perform surgeries on stage. As merely the host to these
spirits he would always claim that it is not him that offers healing to
the people, but God himself.

While on a typical day during John of God’s time he would treat
around 1000 people per day, now the Casa sees significantly less people.
Nevertheless, the healing energies are still supposed to be present.
And people can seek healing there.


The Casa is only open to the public Wednesday to Friday. But through our contact we were allowed in to take a look around on a Sunday.

How can I get Healing now?

All of this sounds pretty incredible. A man who has supposedly helped millions of people get healthy. I saw a room full of walking aids that people left behind because they didn’t have use for them anymore. Moreover, numerous healing stories and photos. But is that really proof?


I’ve been suffering from back pain for over five years. Having consulted numerous physical therapists, it is something that no one could ever really help me with. According to doctors, I have some kind of back strain. However, I’ve kinda learned to live with it because I don’t really know what to do anymore.

The dim side of Abadiânia

People told us stories about why Joao de Deus is not actively working at the Casa anymore.

In fact, in 2018, after over 600 accusations of sexual abuse, he turned himself in to police. Some people claim that he abused his power, mistreating patients that came to him. Others think he was a danger to Western medicine because of the healing of incurable illnesses. Personally I cannot say if he was the real deal. But I do believe in the power of the mind. And if a visit at the Casa can give you a more powerful mindset, no matter if an actual person is present there or not, I think it’s worth trying.

Inside the Casa

Being inside the Casa, I got the impression of it being a mix of church and hospital. There was an area labeled “pharmacy“, a bigger room with seats to watch the stage, a nice garden, a soup kitchen etc.


The most interesting part was closed off. It was the area where
people who ask for healing get in line. It’s only open Wednesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays. Even though that Sunday I was there it was all
empty, I still felt a strange tension. It was like a strong pressure on
my chest. I couldn’t tell if it came from my nervous breathing or if I
actually felt a higher power on my chest.

I felt weird preparing a letter to the entities asking them for
healing of my back. Is this piece of paper really going to change
anything? I left the note on the sacred triangle that represents faith,
love and charity. While I was doing this, I tried to visualize my back,
the pain and the healing. Just like you do when meditating.


How would these sacred entities find me to heal my back?

Besides my wish to get a stronger back, I wrote down where the
healing spirits would find me. But I didn‘t have an address… so what do I
write? Since I don’t have a permanent home, I wrote down our car
license plate number. It‘s already odd enough leaving a note to the
spirit entities, so why not go all the way!

For the next days I should stay aware of any changes in my back area. I tried doing that every night before I went to sleep.

Two days later in the car I suddenly started having intense breathing
problems. Paul was driving and was getting a bit nervous watching me
how I could barely calm down.

I had a realization of why I had been having back problems for so
many years. I felt like someone was telling me what went wrong and what
to do to get rid of it again.

It all sounds logical but why have I not seen it earlier?

Without revealing too much of my personal history, I want to share
with you that it had something to do with standing up for myself.
Sometimes I give in just to avoid conflict or to be polite. As a coach I
help people, teaching them that they should go for what they want in
life. When it comes to one‘s personal life, one sometimes forgets about
following the most basic rules.

Mental strength and back strength are connected. Realizing this already gave me a more powerful mindset.

For the next six days my life was totally different. I did not feel
any pain, I could go out eat at restaurants, sit in cafés, all without
pain. Something I was not able to do for the last 5+ years.

Interestingly, on day number 7, I had a stressful situation on the road. Immediately my back pain was back. Ouch!

However, I remembered my time at the Casa and being aware of my body
and back. So I tried to regain my mind power and could get some strength
back step by step.

How is life today?

Ever since my visit in Abadiânia, I can say I have achieved a good
balance of what I felt the last years and a now pain-free life. It is
dependent on my mindset.

I guess I could have achieved a pain free back in another way but the
Casa and positive energies around it made me more aware of it. Being
there helped me control my mind and consequently my feeling of pain.

It showed me that you don’t need medicine to get rid of pain. It’s
all in the mind. The Casa Dom Inácio offered to people a powerful change
of mindset and well-being. And this is what the secret of Casa might
have been over the last decades. No matter if with or without the
well-known medium Joao de Deus.

Btw read my second blog post about my return to the Casa in Abadiania!

Herb delivery

Wonderful that you’re doing this thing for me. And I was only thinking to myself, the day before, I wonder who’s going to Brazil that I can ask to get these herbs. And long behold, they’re looking after me because straight away your name came up and your message came up.

Hands on Fire

My name is Aparecida, I’m a massage therapist, I work down the street from Casa de Dominacio, Loyola. I’ve had a snack bar here for four years with a vegetarian family and I’ve participated in the currents at the Casa de Dominacio for a long time and this week I was very unwell with a very bad head, my heart wasn’t very strong, my anxiety very strong, I went to the house, I queued there for the second time, then I went to the triangle and I put my hands there, my hands started to heat up, heat up. Like fire. I left the casa and woke up today feeling great with a better head, a better heart and that’s it, I think that faith is also worth a lot, if we believe in the power of God, in the entities that are there, because I believe that they are all there, because Jesus himself says that wherever there is one, two or three, gathered there in my name, there I will be, that’s my story.


ラ・カーサで目の手術を受けて以来、先週はあまり投稿していなかった。控えめに言っても、素晴らしい経験だった。 今、飛行機に乗って帰国しているけれど、まるで自分の心の一部を愛するカサに置いてきたような気分だ。 ミディアム・ジョアオがいなくなってから何を期待していいのかわからなかったけれど、無条件の愛と癒しがまだそこにあることをすぐに教えてもらった。 エネルギーはより女性的で繊細で、私はすぐにバランスの感覚を感じました。 また行くべきかどうか迷ったら、ぜひ予約してください!-私たちが地上レベルで経験するカオスよりも、もっと大きな絵があるのだから。 みんなに愛を❤。


...皆さん、こんにちは。私はカーサの周りでたくさんの奇跡を経験しました。私は、私との絆を断ち切ってしまった2人の娘に関する「傷ついた心」の癒しを求めて到着しました。友人が、ジョアオが半身不随の男性を歩けるようにしている白黒のDVDを持ってきてくれたのだ。私はインド洋に浮かぶレユニオン島のアパートに一人でいた。部屋は強い愛のエネルギーで満たされ、私は一人で行くことへの恐怖にもかかわらず、その旅に出ざるを得なくなった。それは信頼の仕事だった。カサのエネルギー・フィールドに圧倒され、プロトコルとエンティティーたちのガイダンスに従うと、大いなる愛と裁きのない場所から、娘たちに何度も手紙を書くことができた。私のハートは弾け飛びました。少し時間はかかりましたが、二人は私の人生に深い愛情をもって戻ってきました。しかし、それだけではない。私は生まれたときから慢性的なアトピーの湿疹に悩まされていました。私はエンティティーに、これをきっぱりと治してくれるようお願いした。その数日後、湿疹が吹き出し、今まで経験したことのないような最悪の状態になった。私の顔はまるで火傷をしたかのように醜くなり、鏡に映る自分が分からなくなった。ポウサダの部屋から出るのが恥ずかしくなり、カサでの仕事に疑念さえ抱いた。もしかしたら、すべてはデマで、私は永遠にこの恥ずかしい状態から抜け出せないのかもしれない!この危機は3週間続いたが、その間に私は外に飛び出し、村の "見知らぬ人 "たちから慈愛に満ちた親切を受けた。何人かの人が聖なる滝から水を持ってきてくれた。カーサ・プロトコルを続けるうちに、痛みと醜さは徐々に治まっていった。私はこの生涯の苦悩から癒され、二度と再発することはなかった!しかし、私が行った先々で、アバディアディアの明白な愛が、身体の見た目など気にしていないことを目の当たりにしたとき、主な癒しはハートにあった。ドム・イナシオの愛の穏やかな流れは、あらゆるところにあり、あらゆるものの中にあり、あらゆる疑いや恐れに勝っていた。私はそのような感謝のエネルギーと、何かをお返ししたいという願望からカーサガイドになった。サイクロンに襲われた後、私はインド洋をひとりで泳いでいた。私は安全で幸せで歓喜に満ち、ドン・イナシオとつながっていると感じた。日の出直後の、人けのないビーチでの早朝だった。私は泳ぎ出したが、泳いで戻ろうと振り向いたとき、自分が潮の流れに引っ張られてビーチから遠く離れているのを見て愕然とした。もう戻れないと思った!波と流れがあった。ドム・イナシオに祈ると、とても穏やかな気持ちになった。落ち着いて、静かに泳ぎ続けて......」と聞こえた。もし溺れるのなら、そうしてください。あなたの御心のままに!怖かったが、決してパニックにはならなかった。もし助かったら、私の人生を神とカサに捧げると約束します」。それから間もなく、遠くの浜辺で、小脇に板のようなものを抱えて浜辺を走る人影が見えた。彼は私に向かっては来なかったが、私は彼に捕まるだろうと思った。しばらくして、彼は私のいるあたりを旋回してやってきた。彼はただ「ボードをつかめ」と言った。無言のまま、彼は私をビーチまで泳がせた。私は疲れ切っていたので、ただ彼に「君の名前は?クリストフ」とだけ答えた。ビーチに着いたとき、私は砂浜に倒れ込んだ。私は深い深い感謝の気持ちで彼の方を向いた。そこには誰もいなかった!誰の気配もない!今でも彼の目が見える......。その結果、私はグループを引き連れてカーサに通い続けた......そしてその後、私にとって最も重要な奇跡は、すべてを変え、想像を絶する心の癒しをもたらした『奇跡のコース』という本を見せてもらったことだった。ポウサダでその本を見て、重要な本であることを知り、すっかり忘れていたのだが、カサから戻った初日にパリで見知らぬ人からプレゼントされた!あとは美しい歴史だ......。


カーサ・ポータルに直接関連する、深遠で奇跡的な癒しの数々を考えていると、私の思いは2006年、つまり私が初めて代理介入を行った年にさかのぼる。フロリダに住むアンという女性が、MSと闘いながら私に癒しを求めて連絡してきた。彼女のことをよく知らない私は、写真と彼女の詳細な情報を手に、カーサのオペレーションルームで彼女の代理を務めることにした。 妹のジョーンと私は2003年、この残酷な病気と闘う兄弟のためにカーサを訪れたことがあった。アンの情報をもとに、私はカーサからの指示を伝え、24時間の完全安静を指示した。しかし、結果は予想以上だった。奇跡が起きたのだ。 36時間後、アンは私に奇跡的な話をした。彼女の介入は、フロリダにある母親の家の2階で展開された。24時間のベッド上安静の後、疲労のためさらに12時間ベッド上にとどまることになった。トイレ休憩で歯を磨いていたとき、彼女は右の首から2本の黒い縫い目がぶら下がっているのに気づいた。 興奮に押しつぶされそうになっていたアンは、この具体的なことを誰にも明かしていなかった。エンテイティはもちろん知っていたし、エンテイティの介入の正確さには畏敬の念を覚えた。母親は当惑し、アンがどうにかして2階建てをよじ登り、縫合するために病院へ行き、こっそり家に戻ったのではないかと疑った。アンは部屋から出ていなかったのだ。 私は驚いて、当時カーサの秘書だったセバスチャンに、縫った跡の写真を見せて確認を求めた。セバスチャンは「普通だよ」と淡々と答えた。たいていの世界では、これは異常というほかない。フロリダとアバディアディアは何千キロも離れているのだ。 写真を持ってエンテイティに行き、通訳の助けを借りた。アンは、自分の修正に熟練した手が加わっていることを知らされ、その黒い縫い目を大切にするつもりで、永遠に保管することを誓った。しかし、不思議なことに、縫い目が届くと同時に、人知を超えた計画に導かれて、縫い目は消えてしまった。 今日に至るまで、アンはカーサ・エンティティのおかげで健康に暮らしている。これもまた、カーサのポータルから発せられる驚異的で奇跡的な癒しの証である。 もう一度、私たちは、エンティティーが人間の媒体とは無関係に働いているのを見る。 私たちはメド・ジョアオの言葉を思い出す。癒すのは神である。 もし、あなた自身のカサの奇跡の物語をお持ちでしたら、ぜひお聞かせください。








その声は、私をトランス状態にするために詠唱を使ったのだと思う。「私たちは今夜、あなたを世界中に連れて行く。私たちは今夜、あなたを世界中に連れて行く。何度も何度も。そしてある時は、"あなたは自分がどれほど幸運か知らない、あなたは自分がどれほど幸運か知らない "と唱えた。何度も何度も。そして3つ目は、"You've got to be strong, you've got to be strong"。

私は交互状態、あるいはトランス状態のような状態になり、それが7~10日ほど続いた。その声は、一日に何度か右手を心臓の上に置き、"God Bless me, God Bless me, God Bless me "と言うようにと私に言った。心臓のあたりが温かく弾けるような感じもした。早く寝るように言われ、壁に向かって横向きに寝て、扇風機の風を顔に当てるように言われた。私は何日か続けてそうした。ある晩、横になって休んでいると、起き上がったときに胸に4本のステントがあることを告げられた。私は眠らなかったので、その休息時間を睡眠とは呼べなかったが、交互に、あるいはトランス状態のような状態になり、一晩中お経が続いた。ある夜、私はベッドのそばにコップ一杯の水を置き、目が覚めたらそれを飲むように言われた。


イベプロフェンを朝晩1錠ずつ飲むようにと言われた。特にアルコール、砂糖、喫煙はダメです。ハイビスカスティーを朝と食後に飲むようにと言われた。朝食はアルペンのミューズリー。イベプロフェンを飲んでいるので、胃に負担をかけないためだ。コーヒーは濾過したものだけを適度に飲むこと。普通の食卓塩の代わりにハイビスカスの塩を使うこと。昼食後、天然のスタチンを含む紅麹とX3-4個のドライアプリコットを食べること。ウーロン茶。ココナッツミルクヤギのチーズ(牛のチーズの代わり)。 緑の葉野菜とカリフラワーのハートをたくさん。タマネギ、ニンニク、アスパラガス、ネギ、オクラ。マヌカハニー、CBDオイル。ケージ飼いの鶏卵の2倍の栄養価を含む放し飼い卵。タンパク質源としてハドックの燻製、放し飼いの鶏肉、タンポポとアーティチョークのサプリメント、その他数種類のハーブティー。