Just Give Me a Sign…

This is just an abridged version. But I will send regardless.

I would like to submit a miracle…however this “assistance” I received from the entities comes in many forms. The entities speak through dreams, friends and family and I can sometime hear the voice of the Saints during my meditations…

Upon staying at the casa grounds my first week…after meditating, I heard would you stay longer if you needed? ….clearly, as if someone was in the room sitting by my side..out loud, I spoke….yes, I would . Just give me a sign. Well this indeed occurred when a street dog I had befriended broke her leg right in front of me the day before I was supposed to depart back home.

With no hesitation, I knew immediately this was the sign for me to stay longer. I rushed the injured dog to the vet and knew she needed care as the spiral fracture was going to need attention and bandage changes until the bones had healed. She had no home and I extended my trip to care for her. within a few days of that time I had contracted dengue fever… which was a pretty serious disease caused by the aides mosquitos that were in the area….I was going through so much but felt so supported by the other side…something was happening to me besides all these intense experiences around me.

I then began experiencing a green orb above my bed that would appear at night. It would appear periodically. I thought it was the fever but found out St Ignacio reported this green ball of light whilst moving into his sainthood. I then began having different spiritual experiences and consciousness changes that left me feeling a detachment from the world and material items….frightened and not fully grasping my situation fear would enter my consciousness only to be met with a deep sense of protection and being cared for. As I was going through the symptoms of dengue fever…intense sweating, fever and body aches …my digestive track was spared. Somehow , it remained protected throughout the whole ordeal. And I felt guided not to take aspirin.. which I later found it could possibly damage my liver…because of the virus…all the while I was also caring for this new doggie friend with a fractured leg. It was an intense couple weeks, to say the least.

As I began pivoting out of the fever…I sensed the energy of Saintlyhood radiating from me… however, I wasn’t ready. My ego didn’t want to let go…it didn’t trust the situation. Now, as I write this, I realize the scope of what was occurring..the transformation continues and we have to ask ourselves why it is …we are here?…what does one’s soul really yearn for..?

As a footnote…I did make arrangements to bring the dog I cared for with the broken leg back to the United States.. she healed perfectly with no surgery and Abi is living her best life in Colorado. She loves the mountains and her sister Athena….she lives life as my protector and best friend. She has a natural grace and specialness about her…💜

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