Lies down to get a new job

I met Tatiana and had a crystal bed in 2019. Then I wandered on job interviews. And after only about 3-4 sessions I was approved for a good job for me.

After my main desire came true, I stopped going, although I had another concern related to partner dependency. After many attempts on my part to influence him without success, in October 2022, I managed to take him, just once, to crystal therapy.

To everyone’s great surprise, he left for treatment. But when he returned not healed, I realized that the man himself clearly had no desire to fight back and that I somehow had to liberate myself.

Since October 2022, I have been going to therapy more regularly in order to be able to gather strength. In February 2023, we decided to separate. Now both my son and I feel calm.

In my opinion, crystal sessions help to: cope with fears, show more courage and certainty in what we want with our heart, joy, peace, both with ourselves and with those around us. good for everyone way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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