Long-Distance Current, Herbs & Faith Healed Cancer

Milly has kindly offered to share her miraculous healing stories with us. She is a veteran of the Casa having come here more than 6 times , the first time with a group. I was honoured to meet her in 2015 when she came with her daughter Amy who was suffering from brain cancer. Unfortunately her beautiful daughter passed away Despite this cruel blow Milly never lost her faith in the healing power of the Entities. In her own words she wrote to me after I asked her specifically if I could use her miraculous story of a cure for cancer of the uterus which happened this year July 2022. 

“I don’t know if you remember this about me but I have been to Brazil (before Amy) 6 times. The 1st time I had pancreatic cancer and was healed. Then I took many other people down there. I had so many spiritual experiences. One time John of God asked to meet with me after the session. I did and there were several helpers with him. He told me to do healing work when I got home and that his energy would be with me. I had no idea what to do, but a person I knew who was a healer I hadn’t seen in quite a while got a hold of me and said she got a “message” that I was to do healing work. For several years it was quite an experience for me. Then one of California’s fires hit the town I was living in and I lost my home and everything I owned. It has been 3 years now and I am just recovering. Think that’s why I got cancer again. Things are starting to come back now and I just recently started doing some healing work again.”

In August 2021 out of the blue I got a message from Milly seeking healing for cancer of the uterus (the illness she describes above).  I instructed her to send her foto and address and DOB and I would bring her into the Current room, hold her in the highest light energy possible, surrender her details to the Entity’s basket and then get herbs for her in the Casa pharmacy which I did. I sent the Casa herbs to Milly in the USA including these simple instructions. Just stop what you are doing and say a prayer of thanks for the healing you are receiving and drink a glass of water twice a day while you take you passiflora herbs.

Fast forward to July 2022 and this is the message I received from Milly:

“I don’t know if I told you I had surgery about a month ago and my tumors were completely gone. I was blown away. And I thank you so much for what you did.”

 I was so happy for her. What a miracle again! All I did was pray and be the messenger. It was the power of the Entities, no surrogate intervention, just simply the miraculous healing energy of the current, with the high vibration of the Casa passiflora and Milly’s extraordinary faith.


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