Out of body experience

Good morning dear Casa brothers and sisters! Bright blessings to you!❤ After hearing a presentation by Ron Roth in 2003, I contacted Bob Dinga and Diana Rose in 2004 to take my photo to the Casa. Bob sent me a video of Medium Joao while he was incorporating and doing physical surgeries. I felt physically sick while watching and went to bed once it ended. I awakened in the middle of the night and realized I was above my body and in the presence of the Blessed Entities who were working on me. Their love was so sweet. However, I became frightened that I was out of my body and “slammed” back into it. I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds and cried for 3 days non-stop as the Blessed Entities continued to work on me. Shortly after, I received my photo back from Bob and Diana with an X on it and an invitation to visit the Casa. Months later I went with Bob and Diana (Angels on Earth!) to the Casa. I took many photos of loved ones with me and spread them out on the spare bed in my room. That night I heard the photos being rustled and was frightened so I kept my eyes closed. Yet, somewhere inside me I knew the Blessed Entities were working again. I jumped out of bed the next morning and ran to the photos. I had one photo of a family member who I had a difficult relationship with. I had asked for Big help. On the photo was now an image of Mother Mary which had not been there before. I knew she would be helping to heal our relationship and she did!! 😊😇 I am grateful! That night at the rosary I “saw” 2 Angels carrying a Soul between them to Heaven. I was told the power of so many of us praying the rosary together had helped this Soul to be released from a lower frequency and could now go to the Light! Wow– I have never forgotten that and I have prayed many, many rosaries since! I have a crystal bed in my home since 2006. Once, a lady came with a terminal condition and left completely healed! This work is not limited by time or space. Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother Mary! Thank you Dom Inacio, Dr. Augusto and all the Blessed Entities who work tirelessly on our behalf! Thank you all Casa volunteers and guides who support the Casa. Thank you Grainne for your beautiful meditations and bright light! We LOVE you so! There are so many more miracles I have seen over the years– I could write a book!😁 I hope these I have shared will bring a smile to your face. We are so very blessed to be connected with our beautiful Spiritual Home in this lifetime! God bless you all!

For those who believe

Bringing a group back to the Casa Dom Ignacio after 5 years is literally surreal! From the mediums departure at the end of 2018 than moving right into Covid , No one knew what would become of the Casa ! The biggest question has been “who would replace him?” For almost 5 years the town became a ghost town with locals and their businesses suffering to no end! And still do! What needed to take place was proof that the energy and the healing would be able to continue ! What needed to take place was their was no longer a need for someone to act as a conduit for this healing! That anyone could simply build a relationship with the Divine Entities that opened this portal here in 1974 ! That during these times we would have to learn faith and trust in that which we couldn’t see! The medium had always said that physical surgeries were never necessary but they were done because people needed to see it to believe what could be possible! I fully respect the man called “John of God “ for bringing his life’s work into fruition! This week seeing into the eyes of people I brought to the Casa sitting in the current and having spiritual interventions proved to me beyond a shadow of any doubt that what Dom Ignacio always stated “ For those who believe, No words are necessary! For those who do not, No words are possible! “ I’ve been witnessing over the past few years that people coming to the Casa although much smaller crowds have learned it’s possible to connect with Spirit directly and through that All healing is possible! The energy has been off the charts especially this week during the anniversary of Dom Ignacio’s death ! People could not imagine the strength of this healing energy running through this Divine Portal that is open here! It was so strong they were taken back and gasped at their excitement! Only to realize that in having faith and trust in God anything is possible! For me this has been the strongest response I’ve felt from people in the 19 years of me coming here! And I’m at a point in my life where nothing is more important than for me to connect and to help people to realize what is just beyond the veils of this reality we have known as home on earth! We are all beginning to see and become familiar our real home just on the other side! It excites me to no end and am so humbled and grateful that I can share this with those who are called to come here and have this experience! We are looking forward to much more ! Blessings to All ! Mika 💗
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Who was your surgeon?

In LA , I had a medical person who came for help with her meniscus.  She was ready for a surgery at the hospital she worked in.

The doctors did all the tests and told her there was no other way to heal the meniscus. She was far too overweight as well.

Before the session I explained that Dr. Augusto is also working in my practice as I am a medium from his team for many years. So if she feels somebody touching her to just open her eyes for a second to make sure there is no one physically in the room.

Or if she feels a lot pain or gets frightened from something,  to call me to come in.

After 10 minutes she was calling me, so I went to help her – she asked if she could bend or move her knee because of pain.

So we did and the session continued undisturbed.

After the session she described Dr. Augusto, saying that this man came to her with her eyes closed under the eye patch.

I showed her a photo and she confirmed it was him.

After a couple of days she called me to say that doctors were highly surprised to discover that the surgery was already done and got upset with her that she did not tell them she went to another hospital for it.

She did not dare explain the real surgery circumstances or the name of the surgeon but she was sooo happy from the result and continued coming for crystal bed sessions to get energized, to lose weight and to help her joints get stronger.

She visited the Casa with me and after 2 years visits she was baptized as a daughter of the Casa.

During crystal bed sessions, everything is possible as the crystals, the practitioners and the Entities work in alliance to get the best results for each persons healing.


Pray for Me.

I was diagnosed with cancer recently and had a DMT (D-dimer test) a month ago. My oncologist surgeon asked why I didn’t tell her I had surgery in the right breast? I said I didn’t.  

The test showed a 5 cm scar inside the breast. I told her 9 years ago I had a spiritual surgery with John of God who made a small physical incision but it was deep… At that time Dr. Augusto looked at me,  through John of God, and asked if I wanted to be healed from my breast tumors. I said yes and he did it. I was supposed to do a biopsy after return from my trip to Brazil in 5/2014. But I didn’t. The next year it was all okay…

I will ask for the image and share it here.

My mother has clairvoyance. We are all very thankful for all the blessings I have received from the blessed Entities. Since my current biopsy results, she has been praying and asking them to help me in my surgery and recovery since she couldn’t be here with me…

She said every time she prays she sees thousands of souls at the CASA and the entities working and helping everyone.  People who pray to the Entities during their dream go to the Casa, too. Many of those who passed away from COVID-19 are  still there in spiritual treatment. She said that people shouldn’t stop coming to the CASA because the Spiritual Work NEVER STOPPED.

I have had many dream with médium John working during his freedom – when his body is sleeping… In my last dream he said this time I need AN operation and to not wait on it.

The Workers of the Light never stopped Serving and Manifest Gods Infinite LOVE.

I want to thank you all for being there and keep the Love flowing.

Hopefully when all this passes, I will be visiting too.

Please pray for me.

With love and gratitude 💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💓💓💓🙌🏻☀️ 

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I Lost 50 lbs. of Bad Energy

Grainne offered to be surrogate for a long-distance intervention in April 2023. This is a first for me. I have not been to the Casa nor had a spiritual operation from there.

I began feeling better after the revision. Not my physical symptoms but something inside of me – like I’m less constrained in some way. My soul is less constrained. It is hard to describe. I feel different. A good different.

A week later, I still feel good. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – like I lost 50 lbs. of bad energy. My symptoms are still here but the other results are amazing. It makes me want to go to Brazil (for the first time).

Healing the heart

I want to share my positive experience at Casa Dom Ignacio in Brasil. My young adult son had been suffering from pinches in his heart and numbness all over his body for over 3 months. We had consulted with 2 heart doctors, and a neurologist, he tried various medications and vitamins, and undergone numerous tests, but the doctors couldn’t identify the issue. The pain was escalating each day, and we were growing desperate for a solution.
That’s when I decided to visit the casa. I went with his picture in the intervention line. Remarkably, after approximately 5 days, his symptoms
Became sporadic and less intense. 2 weeks later, we were overjoyed to see the symptoms had completely disappeared and have not returned since. This happened in April 2023. I am truly grateful for the healing we experienced at the casa. The intervention brought relief to my son’s debilitating condition when conventional medial approached had failed. The casa is and will continue to be our second home. I encourage everyone who is hesitant to come back. The energy is amazing. The casa is beautiful, and so peaceful.
Thank you to the Entities of light.

Dom Inacio taking me to the mountain

I offered a woman from Norway to have a session on a crystal bed. Twenty minutes later, she was crying saying that she was on the mountain with her mother  (she passed away one month ago) and had another person together that she did not know. She saw the name Dom Inacio on the  bed … Read more

Perfect Suturing by an ‘American Physician’

“I was standing in the main hall, listening to a person give a spiritual healing testimonial when a Casa attendant asked me to follow him to the second current room. There, Medium João, incorporated by a spirit, was standing beside an indigenous Brazilian woman who was sitting in a wheelchair, in spirit anesthesia.

Through Medium João, the spirit directed me to close a full-thickness incision about 4 inches in length, in the woman’s left lower abdominal wall. Through Medium João the spirit threaded a straight needle with a white-cotton thread without looking at them, then grasped the threaded needle with a needle driver taken from an instrument tray, and handed them to me.

I glanced at the tray and did not see thumb forceps with which to grasp the edges of the incision while suturing. I knelt on the floor in front of the woman and started to close the incision, noticing it was bleeding only slightly. The needle was so dull and the skin was so thick that I had to push the edges of the incision over the needle with my free hand. Concerned I might not have enough thread to close the incision, I used a locking mattress stitch, which led the spirit to ask what type of stitch I was using.

Due to thick skin and no thumb forceps, I had considerable difficulty lining up the sutures and incision edges. However, after closing the incision I found that the suture placements and skin edges were perfectly aligned and the incision had already healed.

After an attendant wheeled the woman away to the infirmary to recover from the spirit anesthesia, the spirit had me describe for everyone in the current room to hear, what I had just done and seen as an ‘American physician.”

Quoted from my book, Spirits Can Help God Heal Us

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