A triangle prayer, a text and a blog

Christmas 2021.  Kal with his Brazilian family, Karla, her daughter Raphaella, and son, Benjamin.

Permission was granted by Kal for sharing his text, picture and our story.

A triangle request and a text started this blog

On my June 2021, flight headed to the Casa, I sat next to the nicest man from California, – Kalklin (“Kal”). He was taking a chance at life and flying to Brazil to meet a woman whom he met on the internet. They used Google Translate to communicate.  Like miracles, I never get tired of hearing love stories so I encouraged him to share.  He “was traveling from another ocean to another ocean to another country just to meet a girl that he met off the internet. He hadn’t really talked to her that many times on WhatsApp face-to-face (see Google Translate above).  Just a lot of text messages and sharing pictures.”  

I tell him about the Casa and how the entities, spiritual doctors, helped me with my 30-year plague of headaches and other physical issues. I share how the Casa is a place of miracles and asked if he would like for me to put any prayer requests in the triangle, where dreams and miracles come true.  He agreed.  I don’t remember what I put in the triangle for him but I do remember suggesting he go for it. If anything were possible, what would he put.  We parted.  Me to Abadiania and Kal to Campo Grande, Brazil, to meet Karla Castro Castro, the girl of his dreams for the first time. 

During that Casa trip, I received a nudge to collect Casa stories occurring now. Past miracles and wonders were well documented. Time to share the newer ones. Fabulous idea but I was juggling a lot of projects already. Yep, the nudges continued when I got home. It was when someone gave me the idea to start a blog (versus writing a book), I became a wee bit more motivated. Six months later, on December 18, I prayed for a clear sign if I am to do a Casa Miracle Blog. (and I’m pretty sure I added please let it be easy. ha).

Ten minutes after asking for confirmation, I hear a text come in.  It was from Kal whom I had not heard from since June.  This is what he wrote: 

Hi Jane.  I hope you remember me. This is Kal. I met you last June sitting next to you on our flight to Sao Paulo…I really appreciate when you had me tell you what I wanted out of this relationship with this girl I was going to meet, and what I wanted out of life. You said you were going to work miracles for me.  You sure have.  I have been talking to her.  I’m down here in Brazil again to spend Christmas with her and her family…Whatever miracles you sent my way they sure have come true.  God puts everybody in everyone’s life for a reason.   

They are in the process of getting passports and visa for his new Brazilian family to move to the United States.  Oh, and they both have learned to communicate without Google translate. 

Seriously, what are the odds of the timing?!  Message received, Entities. Also a pretty good message from Kal.  I love watching the Entities, Casa beings of light, in action.

Kal, thank for returning the miracle favor and, entities, you rock. Stay tuned for amazing Casa miracles – happening while at the Casa or elsewhere! Jane

For purposes of the blog, the definition of a miracle is: When something you believe is impossible becomes possible – even if it happens only to you and is not witnessed or understood by anyone else.

Lost in Paradise

On May 17th of 2021 I finally flew out of Germany. My reasons to come to Abadiania were slighty different than from most people coming here. I just wanted to escape Germany. I had enough of all the denunciation, bad vibes and weather. My dream was to live in a cheap and sunny place with understanding people. Just having a peaceful life. Also I was not able to afford a life in Europe without taking another 9to5-job.

Today I can tell you. I was meant to be here.

Arriving in Abadiania slowly I realized where I landed. I went to the casa De Dominacio not exactly knowing what is going on here. Anyway I realized that most people here are unvaccinated and understanding. My decision to stay was set. As I cancelled my flight back to Germany to stay something strange happened. I just put in a note in the triangle asking for a solution of my money problems. What happened is that shortly after that I got the whole amount of my flights back that I paid. Not just the flight back. I got all my money back. I came to Abadiania for free.

If that does not mean something I dont know what would. For me that was the starting point of experiences in Abadiania.

In the time here I had many different experiences with just putting in a note into the triangle. 

I want to tell you about the most amazing stories.

Firstly I put in a picture of three people which had bad health issues. The first person had problems with his digestion. He had regularly pain in his belly which was preventing him from concentrating on his work. One week after I put in the note he had nothing anymore and we talked about business again. The next person had an serious traffic accident years ago and due to that is not able to walk properly. His leg is swollen and he cannot move it properly. Two hours after I put in the picture in the basket he wrote me if I did something as he was feeling much better. The third person hat serious borrelioses. He already accepted his death and just expected to live for a few months. He was not able to concentrate… One week after I put in his picture in the triangle we talked about business again. He is not fully cured but much better.

Last but not least I have put in for myself End of 2021 that I would like to solve the issue with an coaching that I had to pay off. (a few thousand euros) Shortly after the coach that I owed the money to wrote me a message that he would like me to pay a few months later.

All these are miracles which you cannot explain with logical thinking. I hope I gave you some insights about why I am still here and I am happy to share more.

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