MS won`t stop me

Contemplating the multitudes of profound and miraculous healings directly linked to the Casa portal, my thoughts drift back to 2006—the year of my first surrogate intervention. A lady named Ann from Florida, battling with MS, reached out to me for healing. Unfamiliar with her, I embarked on representing her in the Casa operations room armed with a photo and her details. The significance of MS resonated deeply with me, given that my sister Joan and I had ventured to the Casa in 2003 due to my siblings battle with this cruel ailment. Armed with Ann’s information, I transmitted instructions from the Casa, prescribing total bed rest for 24 hours. The results, however, exceeded expectations. A miracle happened. After 36 hours, Ann shared a miraculous story with me. Her intervention unfolded on the second floor of her mother’s house in Florida. Following 24 hours of bed rest, fatigue led her to remain in bed for an additional 12 hours. It was during a bathroom break, while brushing her teeth, that she noticed two black stitches dangling from her neck on the right—the very spot where her MS symptoms had manifested in previous MRIs. Overwhelmed with excitement, Ann hadn’t disclosed this specific detail to anyone. The Entitys knew of course and the precision of the Entity’s intervention was awe-inspiring. Her mother, bewildered, suspected Ann had somehow scaled two stories, gone to the hospital for stitches, and surreptitiously returned home. Ann hadn’t left her room. I was astonished and sought validation from Sebastian, the Casa secretary at the time, showing him a photo of the stitches. His nonchalant response, “That’s normal,” left my jaw on the floor. In most worlds, this was nothing short of extraordinary. Florida and Abadiania are separated by thousands of miles. Taking the photo to the Entity, I enlisted the help of a translator,and it was Dr. Augusto, who confirmed that the stitches were indeed his work. Ann was informed about the skilled hands behind her revision, and she planned to cherish those black stitches, vowing to keep them forever. However, as mysteriously as they arrived, the stitches vanished, guided by a plan beyond human comprehension. To this day, Ann revels in good health courtesy of the Casa Entitys, another testament to the extraordinary and miraculous healings emanating from the Casa portal. Once again we see the Entities working independently of any human medium . We are reminded of the words of Med Joao . It is God who heals . If you have your own Casa miracle story, We’d love to hear and share it here.

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