My car talks to me

It’s been pretty hard on me financially since I came back to the USA. So I started donating plasma to off set expenses. I figure I can help someone in need, and receive a little help for my self.

The last time I went to donate, I had a dream the night before that there was something wrong with the needle. The dream stayed in my mind the majority of the day up until my appointment. But I pushed it aside.

Low and behold, all kinds of issues arose with the needle placement. They couldn’t get it in the vein, then when they did, it ended up popping outside of the vein mid donation and I ended up with a decent sized hematoma. They wanted to restart and use the other arm. Reluctantly I said ok, and there were issues with that, the machine kept stopping due to bubbles in the line…

Fast forward to today. I had another appointment I really didn’t want to go to. Again, I needed the money. So here I sit, in my car asking for clarity. Specifically reaching out to Dr Cruze. I was putting on some under eye lightener. When I went to put the makeup back in my bag. On my dashboard it said NO ENTRIES.

I was listening to a podcast. To switch to anything else, you have to go through an elaborate process of spinning, pushing, and selecting programs to get it to the phone settings hooked up the car. The dial was left untouched as I was fixing my under eye make up. Pictures below to clarify:

After I saw this I felt warm, safe, and comforted. I without a doubt knew to cancel the appointment.

Plasma donation is generally safe, but for me andmwhatever my health issues may be. It wasn’t the right choice.

So much gratitude to The Casa and Dr. Cruze 💗🔼🌹🦋🔼💗


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