My Covid Miracle

I was scheduled to fly to the Casa on Monday, November, 21, 2022.  Exactly one week before, I learned several people from my office got Covid. I had been around one of them a couple of days earlier. I decide to play it safe and work from home until I left for Brazil.

Two days later I tested positive. I continued to show a positive result on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. The 24 hour window for me to get a negative test so I can boardy my flight began at 2pm on Sunday.

I wake up on Sunday with my fingers crossed.  I test myself twice that morning and both times – positive.

As I am about to cancel my flight, I get an intutive reminder – I had promised earlier in the week not to worry about the trip until I received the doctor´s test the day before I leave. I surrendered to the outcome and headed to the doctor`s office.

When the physician walked in with a smile and says “you are negative”, I was stunned. I had just experienced another Casa miracle. As I walked home clutching my written proof of good news, my doubting ego whispered “it may have been a false negative test”. When I got home, I tested myself again. It was negative and contined to be from that moment on.

I am typing this account at Hotel San Rafael`s computer. I am reminded of one of my first Casa trips where I realized that God and the entities can do anything. The only limitation they have is what I place on them.

Thank you, entities, for remembering how much I love miracles and for the joy I felt leaving the doctor´s office.

I love you and the Casa so very much.  

P.S. Miracles rock!

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