My herbal effect

Blessedly and luckily, I am able to receive herbs with my prayers when my friend Jane goes to Brazil, and brings me home herbs. The last set of herbs were set with very powerful and clear prayers. Daily, twice, I would read my prayers and take my herbs. It was a three month supply, and a three prayer list. Miraculously as I prayed my prayer to strengthen my boundaries with my mother; my boundaries were the boldest and strongest and most necessary of my entire life. It still took great bravery, and follow through on my part, and I am sure the Entities helped me every step of the way. The second prayer was likewise challenged and answered as was the third. It took me a while to correlate the prayers and my herbs, as the work involved was intense. It struck me one day as I looked down, that each prayer was answered in order of my requests. Thank you Entities of light for your healing support, and infusing the herbs with spiritual medicine.

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