An extraordinary place

I still come to the Casa because I felt that the seven little crystals of the crystal bed could do so much, and I know nothing about crystals. If theses small 7 crystals could do so much, what about the place?

I came here to experience the place. When I was in the current room I could feel a lot of electricity. A lot of things were happening. There were times I am bored. I wanted to stand up and was struggling because it is two hours and 45 minutes in the current. It is not easy. I tried to hold and not to go to the toilet. But I could feel as if I am under the crystal bed. But there were no crystals. The current room, there’s something extraordinary about it.

One day after spiritual intervention during a crystal bed at the Casa, I felt the energy moving and going into my body. It was working on me for half an hour. As if a huge wind blowing through the door of the crystal bed room. The wind blew, went to my room and on me. It was very weird. Even though the inside indoors were closed. I don’t know what it was. I felt something was working on me twice.

I am here for almost three months on the 13th of December, 2022. 85 days or 88 days, something like that. I was drawn to the crystal bed and the triangle. When you buy a Casa crystal bed, they give you a triangle. I put my head through it and invited the entities to come. I called upon Mother Mary to please come assist me in my healing. I called upon Jesus, son of God, please come to heal me through the crystal bed. I called on divine beings, guardian Angels to please come.

I feel if anyone has a bit of sensitivity, mediumship or clairvoyance,  when they come here they will feel their energy far more. For example, I’m sitting here just talking. If I chose, to not talk or move, I could feel the electricity happening right now. So even in Hotel San Rafael, you can feel the energy, whatever it is.

I stayed at Hotel San Rafael for a month and then moved to an apartment. When I left I would have been here almost two months. But though when I’m in my bedroom , and there as well, same thing. Something was happening. A few of my friends that came to my bedroom, I let them lie down. The energy was  moving. There’s something’s moving which is very powerful. So wherever people live near the Casa something extraordinary happens. I can feel it in my room when I stay here. Which is why I like San Rafael. Because it’s close. I feel we gotta invite them because I feel there is a law of non interference. You’ve  got to invite them to come then they will come. There are many entities.  I thought there’s also, you know, weird ones as well. Not all entities. Then it evolved. In my opinion, they’re entities that are highly evolved, like Doctor Augusto. I felt he’s far more highly evolved. There are other entities hanging around in Casa as well and they are not involved. So whoever you get advice from, you need to check is it your own imagination. Or is it really from the entities? So you have to check. If whatever the advice they give you is not good for your soul, is not good for people that loves you, then it’s not right.

I have been in living in Dubai since 1995 and my family is still all over the World. Well, this is just a great story. I said I am coming here less than three months because my visa is 90 days and I booked myself just coming here. I am not interested to go to any tourist site. I am here for this. 

I have been travelling the world for different spiritual places. I have done Vipassana most of my life. I have travelled mostly for Vipassana. I love sacred sites. Sacred sites around the world are my hobby to travel. But I have never been to another sacred site like this. I don’t know why. There are other wonderful sacred sites. But there’s something special about that place. 

I decided to retire early. I’m only 54. 
And I want to work on myself through meditation and I practice with passionate for many many years. And I could do it in Dubai. I did some classes as well, a nonprofit, of course. And according to the earth, there is a lot of Sacred Sites. Depending on certain time of our life we feel attracted to different ones. We have to listen to the inner calling, and that inner calling is telling us to go there. For example, let’s say I’ve introduced you to Louise Hay’s book. It may not appeal to you. But maybe you appeal to Doctor Wayne Dyer or you appeal to El Cartel or whatever. But they all have the same message in the end. The power of divine love. That’s what’s so wonderful. Certain sites attract at a certain time. We must stay students. And I find a lot of spiritual egoism in a lot of people. They could send certain things or seal certain things or feel certain things. Or they can read people or whatever their abilities are. We have to keep our ego intact. Otherwise it will destroy our ability like a lot of life coaches. We are at different time of our life, but I feel right now is the most important time. Our time here is so precious and to value this moment, so when we value us and our time. Whoever I meet, I value them. This unconditional divine love towards the world. And with that we can make a difference. But it has to come from us. Thats why I followed Granny when I was in Dubai. I loved her. Every night I listened to her. I rushed into the meditation. I try not to miss Granny. She’s my favorite and she really inspired me to come here. And I did her meditations during COVID every day. My life changed. I thank Granny.

And yeah, it’s very inspiring to be here. 
To value this location because a lot of people after a long time they lived here they don’t go to current. The most they go is second timeline or they just catwalk around the casa. Its rare to find people still working on themselves. The staff is still going to the current, still going for the invisible intervention and still going to the crystal beds. So even though we are here. That doesn’t mean we will be completely here if we don’t work on ourselves. And we always have work. 

I think 50% is ourselves, 50% is divine. They can only help us if we help ourselves. And I see a lot of people they
 don’t come. You have to be teachable. Some people, they enjoy being sick because they felt that’s their identity and they get people to do run errands for them. So I felt if we remove ourselves from the labeling or judgment that we are sick and just allow the divine assistance to come through and from this moment to say thank you for healing me. That’s all we have to do. Instead of going to the triangle and keep saying please give me this, give me that. Like a wish list. You have to ask how to heal yourself and then find out what within ourselves needs to get healed. 

I believe thanking is a prayer. S
ay thank you for healing. Some days I’m not meditating. I’ve just observed every part of my body and say thank you for healing. Thank you for healing. One time I was going to kneel down to Saint Rita and I have this list of, I think more than 30 people that once asked for prayer from Dubai, and I bring it to to the basket where she sat. There was this flow of energy again. Going from the statue into my body. Or at a felt some like someone called poor coalter all over my body, and I knew that moment she heard my prayer. That’s beautiful. Relax. Let go. Let go of wanting to be healed. Let go of one thing this our way. And I felt just trust. And whatever happened is OK. 

I think 3 months being here is good, not more. I don’t think I want to stay more than three months. I think there needs to be a middle path. I don’t want to end up like being a fanatic. You must be able to apply what you have learned here to your life.

Also wherever I go from now, I feel the Casa. I feel the connection. It’s easier to connect with the entities because they know me. I’ve been here three months and I feel I can do that anywhere in the World. I believe I can invite them and they come. That`s what happened to me in Dubai. Even for somebody that has never ever been here. But if you come don’t expect to much. Our illnesses or sicknesses or unwanted situations in our lives are part of our spiritual growth. If we want certain things so much it’s not good. We have to accept it’s part of our healing and it’s alright.

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