Out of body experience

Good morning dear Casa brothers and sisters! Bright blessings to you!❤ After hearing a presentation by Ron Roth in 2003, I contacted Bob Dinga and Diana Rose in 2004 to take my photo to the Casa. Bob sent me a video of Medium Joao while he was incorporating and doing physical surgeries. I felt physically sick while watching and went to bed once it ended. I awakened in the middle of the night and realized I was above my body and in the presence of the Blessed Entities who were working on me. Their love was so sweet. However, I became frightened that I was out of my body and “slammed” back into it. I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds and cried for 3 days non-stop as the Blessed Entities continued to work on me. Shortly after, I received my photo back from Bob and Diana with an X on it and an invitation to visit the Casa. Months later I went with Bob and Diana (Angels on Earth!) to the Casa. I took many photos of loved ones with me and spread them out on the spare bed in my room. That night I heard the photos being rustled and was frightened so I kept my eyes closed. Yet, somewhere inside me I knew the Blessed Entities were working again. I jumped out of bed the next morning and ran to the photos. I had one photo of a family member who I had a difficult relationship with. I had asked for Big help. On the photo was now an image of Mother Mary which had not been there before. I knew she would be helping to heal our relationship and she did!! 😊😇 I am grateful! That night at the rosary I “saw” 2 Angels carrying a Soul between them to Heaven. I was told the power of so many of us praying the rosary together had helped this Soul to be released from a lower frequency and could now go to the Light! Wow– I have never forgotten that and I have prayed many, many rosaries since! I have a crystal bed in my home since 2006. Once, a lady came with a terminal condition and left completely healed! This work is not limited by time or space. Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother Mary! Thank you Dom Inacio, Dr. Augusto and all the Blessed Entities who work tirelessly on our behalf! Thank you all Casa volunteers and guides who support the Casa. Thank you Grainne for your beautiful meditations and bright light! We LOVE you so! There are so many more miracles I have seen over the years– I could write a book!😁 I hope these I have shared will bring a smile to your face. We are so very blessed to be connected with our beautiful Spiritual Home in this lifetime! God bless you all!

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