Perfect Suturing by an ‘American Physician’

“I was standing in the main hall, listening to a person give a spiritual healing testimonial when a Casa attendant asked me to follow him to the second current room. There, Medium João, incorporated by a spirit, was standing beside an indigenous Brazilian woman who was sitting in a wheelchair, in spirit anesthesia.

Through Medium João, the spirit directed me to close a full-thickness incision about 4 inches in length, in the woman’s left lower abdominal wall. Through Medium João the spirit threaded a straight needle with a white-cotton thread without looking at them, then grasped the threaded needle with a needle driver taken from an instrument tray, and handed them to me.

I glanced at the tray and did not see thumb forceps with which to grasp the edges of the incision while suturing. I knelt on the floor in front of the woman and started to close the incision, noticing it was bleeding only slightly. The needle was so dull and the skin was so thick that I had to push the edges of the incision over the needle with my free hand. Concerned I might not have enough thread to close the incision, I used a locking mattress stitch, which led the spirit to ask what type of stitch I was using.

Due to thick skin and no thumb forceps, I had considerable difficulty lining up the sutures and incision edges. However, after closing the incision I found that the suture placements and skin edges were perfectly aligned and the incision had already healed.

After an attendant wheeled the woman away to the infirmary to recover from the spirit anesthesia, the spirit had me describe for everyone in the current room to hear, what I had just done and seen as an ‘American physician.”

Quoted from my book, Spirits Can Help God Heal Us

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