Prayer to keep the business

My name is Zelimar Borges da Silva. I am from Abadiania. I have a shop over hear next to Fruttis. The business here is going very slowly since the Covid started. And then I am surviving because I believe the gurus are looking after me and I have a lot of things to say. I know they look after me because he sends people here to help me out. Three months ago the business was so dead and there was a couple walking up and down the street and it was only them here and I prayed for gurus to send them over here to buy from me because that is my living. People come to my shop and buy. Clothes and crystals from me. And when they left the Fruttis they came straight away to my shop and bought something from me. I felt so cared from the gurus because they heard my prayers. After that they left and I prayed thank you to the gurus because I knew they helped me.

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