Renting for free

My name is Yanni. I’m from Brunei. I live in Dubai. So I saw that a lady that was in Dubai came to Abadiania, friends of friends. I asked her to get me a crystal bed, even though I’ve never been here.

And so during pandemic, I was using a lot the crystal bed and I started to feel more intuitive. I started to feel a lot of electricity in my body. I could feel my chakras moving, which I never felt before. I feel there is something extraordinary about the crystals. That inspired me to come to to Abadiania to find out what’s going on in this place.

Coming here has been really interesting. Even though I’ve never met John of God, I feel the place is really special and extraordinary. And as we work on ourselves through meditation, we can heal ourselves. We can. A lot of things will happen.

But during pandemic I had a lot of problems with my business. There were a lot of people leaving town, a lot of clients lost their job because I was serving a lot of cabin crews, teachers. What do you do? I’m a hairdresser. I have a salon, in Dubai. So I was going through a really hard time and I didn’t know what to do.

As time passed, the economies crashed. I didn’t pay rent for 15 months. I didn’t have money to pay for my rent and I was panicking. And in Dubai, if you don’t pay rent, you get yourself in big shit. What happened to me was, I started doing the crystal bed. The lady who got the the crystal bed said “why not ask Margherita (St Rita) for help”? I’ve never met San Rita. I don’t know anything about her. So I asked in the divine triangle. I put my head through the triangle and I asked for divine intervention and assistance. I called to send Rita of Cascia. I called unto Mother Mary. I called upon to Jesus as well.

And then, as I was in the crystal bed, something happened. I started to get how to talk to the landlord. While I was in the crystal bed I got this idea what to say to get myself out of this. Because in Dubai, if you don’t pay your rent for so long you go to prison. 15 months is a lot of money. Anyway, it came to me and I made an appointment. The hotel and the landlord are different. The hotel is run by someone else, another group of hotels and they don’t want to budge. I went straight to the landlord, the son of the landlord, to discuss about my situation.

I said I’ve been here since 2010 and I always have no problem paying rent. Everything was good. The hotel, this situation had really shifted and I can’t. And I used to have a lot of staff. I ended up having less and less and less. If you calculated the time, I’ve paid more than 1.25 million rent since 2010. Help me out please, help me to stay in business. I told them many things.  I got this idea to make a meeting, I prayed. True enough, he wavered. I didn’t have to pay.

Now I’m signing my new tenancy contract. 31st December 2022, the old one is finished and I must sign a new contract now and the hotel management has said that they want to increase my rent every year by 5%. I just emailed the landlord again. I said I want to  meet him. I don’t want to deal with these hotel people because they don’t care if I survive or if I don’t survive. They are happy to get rid of me and have somebody new coming in and double the rent because now the Dubai rent is going to increase quiet high. So now I’m waiting to have a meeting with the landlord again. I’ve been going to the triangle asking for divine intervention. Asking for divine help.


I’m not actually Catholic, so I do not know about Saint Rita of Cassia or other saints. I have no idea. And something happened to me the last two times when I saw mother Mary. There was this lady that was channeling. I saw a male entity coming up from her body and I didn’t want to get involved with this. I’m here to for meditation. I want to mind my own business. So I tried to avoid her. I went to the toilet. I went over there. When I came out from the toilet, she was the first person queuing and she gave me a hug. OK I said to myself, I gave her a hug.

When I went home that night that dark entity, it was a man with a beard, was at the end of my bed trying to wake me up. And I got scared. Mother Mary was sitting next to me and I was saying “I am scared. I don’t want to have anything to do with this entity. Whatever message he wants me to hear, I don’t want to have anything. I don’t like it”. Jesus was sitting next to Mother Mary who was sitting down. (I was still lying down.) Jesus stood up and that entity left. So I saw Jesus twice. That was the first time.

I saw Jesus the second time while I was going through this hard time as well. In my bed as I was sleeping, I saw Jesus walking past just to look at me and left. Yeah, I’m somebody who’s not  religious and I’m not Catholic.  I do vipassana and more of the teaching of Buddha. According to the teaching of Buddha, we believe in angels, divine beings, and we believe in everybody. As you work on yourself, you can reach enlightenment. I’m not into capitalism at all, but this experience has made me look at things slightly different. Maybe in my past life I was a Christian or whatever, but somehow I got divinely guidance.


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