St. Rita helped me work from home

After the pandemic our staff was returned to work in the office. In a few days it was announced that employees who feel sick can submit a doctor‘s note and work remotely. I decided to stay in the office. I did that not because I like to travel in a dirty subway. I was transferred to a new program and in the office someone could show me the process.

After 2 weeks, when I learned what to do , I brought a doctor`s note but I was told that it is too late. I was very upset. Can you imagine, half of the office was working from home and stupid me spends 1hour 30 min in the train each way.

I called the office of Reasonable Accommodations (RA), sent emails but nobody responded. Finally I lost hope and stopped trying. After a conversation with my friend at the casa, without any hope my friend dropped my request to change this situation in the basket next to St. Rita. In two days after I finish Spirtual Intervention herbs, I got a phone call from the office of RA. So, now I am working from home.

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