Tattooed by the entities

I returned to the Casa in November 2022.  Before I left for Brazil, I went to an Osteopath doctor to make sure my physical alignment was good. At that appointment, the doctor noticed a Dowager’s hump was forming on my upper back. He said it was hereditary.  My mom’s back came to mind.  He added not much could prevent further curvature. Perfect timing for the diagnosis. I was headed to the place of miracles, Casa de Dom Inacio, with the intent to find a cure.

I placed my request in St. Rita’s basket when I first arrived. Later I spoke to a friend who said it could be cured with nutrients. I assumed this was the entities’ answer.  YIPEE!   But these spiritual doctors were not done.  I had a spontaneous intervention on November 30 during current.

It happened during the last hour of current.  I suddenly “saw” a flash of the Cosmos and the head of an octopus being pulled from the spot of my Dowager’s hump.  I called it an Octopus because of the round head and long tentacles going down my back.  I was given the knowing that this was the cause of my hump and recent back issues.  I heard “now go home and rest”.  I returned to San Rafael in awe, once again, knowing I had an intervention and my prayer request was answered in the most remarkable way. Unbeknownst to me, their work still was not done.

I returned home anxious to see if my hump was indeed gone.  Yes, it was but I saw something else. Astoundingly,  I had a geometric design on my upper back.  First it was a circle then over the next couple of days evolved into a hexagon.  Later I started noticed a red line going down my spine.  It looked like surgical scars.

One month exactly after the intervention, or on December 30, 2022, I returned to my Osteopath physician.  He wants to see my back.  He reported the Dowager’s hump was gone – some fatty tissue left but that was normal. He said an hereditary karma  had been cleared. The doctor then traced the hexagon with his finger. His only comment was thanked me for showing him.

As of January 7, 2023, the hump is gone and the hexagon design still here with the red line down my spine.  I am eternally grateful for and deeply love the Casa de Dom Inacio, the spiritual doctors and the fortitude of all those keeping this miraculous, sacred place open. Obrigada.  Obrigada.  Obrigada.

P.S. Thanks for the perfect timing of the diagnosis.

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