Triangle Request Eases Depression

Jane Doyle offered to put a friend’s name in the prayer triangle when she returned to the Casa during November 2021.  This was Amy C.’s first introduction to the Casa. Jane received the following text from Amy C. a few days after her requests were put in the triangle:

The last month I have been dealing with heavy anxiety, depression, generally feeling off and intense thoughts running through my head – ok all this is completely not normal for me.  

Well on Monday, I started to feel so much better (when Jane put her in the Triangle), I still have a few symptoms but they have been sort of turned down, way down from what they were.  

I’m so thankful because it was really weird and basically I as going to take my life in a new direction.  I tried every single thing that I knew of to dissolve what was going on with me – but I wasn’t too successful.  I really think this did it.  

So thank you so much.  When I’m ready, I really want to go down there.

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