Who was your surgeon?

In LA , I had a medical person who came for help with her meniscus.  She was ready for a surgery at the hospital she worked in.

The doctors did all the tests and told her there was no other way to heal the meniscus. She was far too overweight as well.

Before the session I explained that Dr. Augusto is also working in my practice as I am a medium from his team for many years. So if she feels somebody touching her to just open her eyes for a second to make sure there is no one physically in the room.

Or if she feels a lot pain or gets frightened from something,  to call me to come in.

After 10 minutes she was calling me, so I went to help her – she asked if she could bend or move her knee because of pain.

So we did and the session continued undisturbed.

After the session she described Dr. Augusto, saying that this man came to her with her eyes closed under the eye patch.

I showed her a photo and she confirmed it was him.

After a couple of days she called me to say that doctors were highly surprised to discover that the surgery was already done and got upset with her that she did not tell them she went to another hospital for it.

She did not dare explain the real surgery circumstances or the name of the surgeon but she was sooo happy from the result and continued coming for crystal bed sessions to get energized, to lose weight and to help her joints get stronger.

She visited the Casa with me and after 2 years visits she was baptized as a daughter of the Casa.

During crystal bed sessions, everything is possible as the crystals, the practitioners and the Entities work in alliance to get the best results for each persons healing.


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